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User ID: #20102
Username: Kingkero
Gender: Female
Last Online: 26 Nov 2019, 2:04 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:51 am

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Hi there! Welcome to my page
[+12 FV Time]
I'm Kingkero the blue frog who love frogs,dogs, fluffy things,Blue&Pastel,anime&cartoon and 2D idols
I'm not sociable much but I love to have some friends! //I'm not a really at good talking and suck at continuing conversation or talks first please bare with me I'm just a shy frog (who got emotional breakdown easily lol) Also, I'm not an English native speaker so my grammar will have a huge error OTL
If you're interested in my arts you can check them out via


Ask if you want anything!

Note : My main interests now are LoveLive,Idolmaster(346Pro),Show by rock(Especially Criticrista & Budvirginlogic),Gakkou gurashi,Yuri kuma arashi,Mahouiku,Maidragon,MLP ,Steven Universe etc. but I'm up to anything if you wanna talk with me!

My precious :tumblr_inline_naoae99wH61sqwx3x.png 485?cb=20150519063024 latest?cb=20150514092821 latest?cb=20160711174341 tumblr_njrsm5Cxl71u036fpo6_540.jpg
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    • You're welcome bro, I always thought your art was super cute and unique. You deserve way more recognition

    • Thank you so much for the tip!

    • i have some furcoins, i wish i had more tho, i havent been exploring as much as i had planned on doing today, so im thinking if i keep exploring maybe i'll get more coins. i have about 6,000 and something as of right now vv

    • Thanks so much for the candy!

    • aaaaa!! hellO!! i noticed you are selling the magic canine plush, i was wondering if i could pay you in like a trade system kind of way?? i rlly love corgis and i dont have much money on me right now cause i just added a new villager (which costed me 50,000 furcoins n^n). i have some furcash, a costume, and some odds and ends here and there, please get back to me!

    • Ooh! Hello there! Nice to meet you!



    • OML Mr.Fox was so fun to draw. Make it RAIN

    • Kobayashi Dragon Maid! Best new show of 2017 Kudos to you :3

    • hiya!! So you ordered art from me a while ago but since I am too busy with university to get around to finishing it anytime soon I am giving you a full refund! I apologize for the inconvenience!

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