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User ID: #4142
Username: Rilvin
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 1 Feb 2018, 6:45 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:27 pm

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(art by creamystrawberry on FR)

Greetings, it's nice to meet you.



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    • oh gosh i love your profile so much!

    • Oh my gosh I LOVE your aesthetic!

    • yw :) if you have any other problems with your code, a common way to troubleshoot it is to by commenting out sections of code and seeing if anything changes (you comment by surrounding stuff with /* and */). It's always easier to find problems if you're only working with a tiny bit of code at a time, and you don't have to outright delete it that way.
      You can also use "inspect element" by right clicking the webpage in chrome/firefox to find different selectors easily. If you do some searching there are some good guides out there on how to use those dev tools.

    • hello! Sorry for the late reply, I was afk ;; the entire right side (user panel, active villager, more villagers, recent activity) is selected with .widget. alternatively, you can use .content .right-column- they select slightly different things, but its nearly the same. Right now you have .widget (and h1/h2/h3- which I think you are allowed to hide) set to display:none, which is why your right side is invisible.

    • There are some guides for CSS floating around if you're willing to dig around!
      And lots of users on here are super nice, I'm sure if you asked someone else into CSS coding, they'd give you tips on how to change the FV background!!
      Its fantastic you got this far in coding though, I had to go buy my coding because I'm a smol bby who doesn't understand coding at all xD
      Unless I'm just screwing around and switching out images and such like I did for my town shield and stuff O:

    • Oh thank you~!!
      I love your profile, woah!!
      > v > And the yellow on the pink for the comment box is just lovely. One of my fave colour combos!

    • Oh gosh I wanted to say your post on the unpopular opinions was so nice to hear and I LOVE valentine so much ♥
      Skullgirls is amazing, Eliza is my other fave from it.

    • Appreciate your wonderful comment, also your profile looks so nice! <3
      I'm loving the simple look, and btw Roman is the best skunk villager I've ever seen haha.
      I never see them painted, they look great!

    • thank you so much !! TvT he's my sad lil pastel buddy

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