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User ID: #38632
Username: GreyWays
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 24 May 2020, 9:52 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 5:24 pm

Profile description

Smash friendly.

Shannon / Grey
Asexual | Agender
Skittish, shy-ish, sickly
Artist, roleplayer, macaroni & cheese enthusiast
Pokemon, reading, games.

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    • owo'' Did I send you your TH code yet? I never received a ping so I'm not sure, but I can send it now!

    • Oh my gosh, thank you SO much for the Shadow!! <3 Is there anything I can give you in return?

    • I wasn't sure what items you'd like, so now you can get yourself something a lil nice maybe. ; w; <3! SO NO WORRIES. Hope your birthday was good!!

    • o: Happy late birthday! That's some kind of magic timing.~

    • tumblr_mhknp970AX1s41m6no4_r1_250.gif

    • I understand! Some are horribly hard to catch and some refuse to tame. Sally is still fighting that Pumpkitty! I'm truly grateful for what you give me. If you need or hear of someone in need of OFB send them my way. =)

    • I was like 'is this the same GreyWays', scrolled down and saw the characters and was like 'yep, that's them alright'

    • CLIVE!!! I saw the name and knew it was you, hello friendo it is me the Poliwag

    • You can send it to Tidepool - #154966. Thank you.

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