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User ID: #39824
Username: ShadowClaw7667
Gender: Male
Last Online: 1 Apr 2020, 2:59 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 8:05 pm

Profile description

Hey there. This is Nathan, also known as ShadowClaw7667. I had abandoned Furvilla long ago, but now I'm making my comeback. I'm not a furry of any kind, but I am an animal lover. I'm also a fan of anthropomorphic animals. I have four villagers.

First is Sabrina Laffine, a hyena. She's a blacksmith and also a warrior.

Next is Aaron Juras, an American badger. He cooks and does animal husbandry.

Up next, we have Alcia Artin, an arctic fox who grows plants and uses those plants to make potions and medicines.

Finally, there's Carl Geras, a tiger who does construction work, crafting, and tailoring.

Stall Price Guide

Plush dolls, furniture, and potions are priced pretty much randomly.

Warrior items are sold at their potency multiplied by ten plus ten more FurCash for each gem socket the gear has if it has any.

Structures are priced depending on the durability of the structure. Each structure is priced differently. Herbalist Pots are never sold on my Stall, but if they were, they'd be sold for their durability multiplied by 5. Animal Stables are sold for their durability multiplied by 10. Houses are sold for their durability multiplied by 15.

Mini pets are priced depending on their species rarity and color rarity. The lowest price for common mini pets is 500 and the highest price is 2000. The lowest price for uncommon mini pets is 600 and the highest price is 2400. The lowest price for rare mini pets is 700 and the highest price is 2800. The lowest price for super rare mini pets is 800 and the highest price is 3200. The lowest price for limited mini pets is 1000 and the highest price is 4000. The lowest price for crafted mini pets such as the Mechanical Dragon is 2000 and the highest price is 8000.

Mechanical Brains and Mechanical Hearts are sold at the same price as the common mechanical pets.

Medicines are sold on my stall at their potency multiplied by 10. An 100% potency medicine would be sold on my Stall for 1000.

Costumes are priced depending on the costume itself. A steampunk, fairy, spooky, diver, or fluffy costume would be sold for 60000. A Warrior, Angelic, Pirate, Beast, or Sorcerer Costume would be sold for 80000. A Royal, Galaxy, Aquatic, Reaper, or Mythic Costume would be sold for 100000.

Items made through crafting are sold at half the prices of the costumes they're needed to make.

Everything on my Stall is sold for FurCash, not FurDollars..

Villagers 4

Comments 486

    • That's okay! If you need any materials just let me know since I'm done crafting my boat!

    • That’s awesome! Good luck!

    • thank you as well! <3

    • Lots of made adventure wheels. Bought pieces when they were cheap and traded for some materials.

    • aand thank you again n_n

    • You're most welcome ♪

    • Ahh! Thank you so much. <3 You really made my day

    • Thank you! After crafting this I'll be able to upgrade my raft ^^

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