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User ID: #42458
Username: Flur
Gender: Female
Last Online: 8 Jan 2019, 5:32 am
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 3:57 am

Profile description

Born and raised in Aotearoa
I'm vegan and a wolf/dog therian

I am friendly to EVERYONE rainbowheart_by_zombie6678-d94ixzo.gif No exceptions
feel free to PM me or send me a friend request. Call me by whatever name/pronouns you like.




All is one, under the great sun.

A subtle connotation here and there.

A generosity of personality and self-expression in spite of impersonal rule as hard as steel and cold as ice.

Imbued with emotion and thought essence from the great beyond.


Villagers 12

Comments 19

    • If people actually took the time to read the comments you post on the subject they would understand your beliefs, and not take it to heart so damn hard., if at all. People don't like to have an open mind, they like to take whatever they were told and run with it and keep it locked up in a -this will never be wrong- box and it's really silly. I read your comments on your DA, and you actually taught me a lot that I didn't know, So people can go ahead and think what they want, and block you. You're not a Nazi. I know the truth, don't worry.

    • Whatsall the stuff about nazis? You're a nazi?

    • I am LOVING this CSS and your villager painties. Gold star from me!

    • thank you! i havent gotten a bat yet so its perfect!

    • Thank you so much!! qvq I know just the right villager to give this fairy too, he'll take good care of him <:3c

    • Hey, I really like your fursona. Kitsunes are awesome. <3

    • I love making painties so it's why I keep getting more villagers!! Designing them really makes me happy, which is why I make premades to sell sometimes. I hope one day you can reach your goal of all paintie villagers!! <3

    • I love your forum signature <3 one of the best movies ever

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