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Username: trickynova
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Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 10:39 am

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someone in my family has just passed away. i'm sorry if i come off rude or not very enthusiastic

I honest to goodness appreciate everyone's lovely comments on all my villagers! however, i'm busy often and don't have time to reply right away, but I promise i'll get to you sooner or later <3 if i never do, just message me!

Nova - Female - Mouse artist
i'm a super nervous, socially awkward teenager who loves to hang out with friends, and of course, draw. i love to chat, however, so if you ever want to talk just message me! my characters are my children in a sense and they all mean the world to me. i'm an avid pc gamer, and wii/wii U gamer. i have a disease known as dysgraphia, classified as the inability to write coherently due to brain damage or disease. please refrain from making fun of this or the fact that i use a mouse as it's not really a topic i like to dwell on if all possible. thank you.

i'd love to help you, no matter what it is you need help with/what you are looking for ♥

exclamation_emote_by_gasara_d62dv0d_by_t my pantie commissions are CLOSED for the time being, until I finish the few i have to do already!

css code by msjanny !
all small images belong to their respective owners!
artist unknown/forgotten

Villagers 10

Comments 64

    • yoooo didnt know you had a furvilla :OO

    • I found a wanderer tagged with your username, did you make her?

    • I adore your style ~
      Keep up the fantastic work

      //don't mind me lurking around aa.. I don't' bite qnq

    • Scurvy is adorable!

    • you have my condolences for your family member's passing and i wish you luck in moving forward and coping. <3

    • Thank you for the comment on my glitch DAD

    • Hey I have enough points for the paintie commission!!

    • Thank you somuch. All your painties are amazing!

    • Thankyou--appreciate it <3

    • Thanks, very much! ^^

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