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User ID: #52699
Username: melodys_angel
Gender: Female
Last Online: 19 Feb 2020, 6:10 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 3:13 pm

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Oh Hai! I should update this, huh?

Im MA, and you can normally find me on Pony Island. Im typically the creative artistic nut into fantasy and RP. Feel free to poke me if weve talked in the past :)

Im focusing mainly on RL pets ive had in the past but I will try to sneak in some OCs where I can. Those will for hte most part need to get Painties when I have some time.

Please note: I do *not* conciser myself a furry. Im on here for my friends and the atrwork^^

To be updated...eventually im sure.

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    • Now I have one of each gender! Thank you.

    • Thank you for the Fly Traps!

    • I would love that! Thank you. ^_^ I have a thing for faerie dragons.
      Oooh, and lots of cats. :D Mirilil will be thrilled breeding them, thank you again!

    • OMG! I really wanted a faegon! Thank you so much. <3

    • If you want an easier time at beating the ancient dragon is lightning scalemail armor and adding a shield with lightning resistance also helps. I have 3 different builds that work well in the stormy peaks with 100% success on all the enemies where they are all melee builds, one with cursed amulet and an obsidian great sword, another with lightning form amulet with a sauls great hammer and the final with lighting scalemail with sauls hammer and shield of discourse.

    • goodness, thank you again!!!

    • thank you!!!!!

    • Thank yooou!

    • Thank you again! the cat makes me think of my Runic. ^_^

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