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User ID: #58403
Username: Mikiriyu
Gender: Female
Last Online: 18 Jan 2020, 2:00 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 12:24 pm

Profile description

Will happily accept friend requests, not very easily offended. Politics and religion are in the don't bug me with category and anyone with problems with rainbow pride get to stepping. Not looking for anything more than friends. Playful, kind, friendly, clumsy and forgetful. That's me for sure! Not paid to judge so don't expect me to do so. Rp is welcome. Different people have different conditions for Rp, if you wanna just let me know and send a start.
negotiations welcome so long as they are reasonable.
Winter will happily make anyone a shifty potion, a rabbit potion, a dutch angel dragon potion or hp potion as long as you supply materials and if she isn't busy of course. She duels as an animal husbandry villager as well.
Kinarin is a great doctor and decent herbalists he can make many health repairing items even lunar salve again you supply materials and he isn't busy either.
Sometimes I do have items on hand and am happy to sell or trade. You help me and I will help you.

Villagers 16

Comments 44

    • Oh awesome! Thanks for letting me know! <3

    • hey sry for not doing your commission yet :( im working on a few different things rn so do you mind if i postpone yours for a while as i finish those?

    • Thank you ^ ^

    • So weird....Having a Mandala effect moment.. I will send the trade again.

    • I am confused did I send the trade?

    • Thank you! he's adorable!

    • You are most welcome ;)

    • Your signature is SUPER COOL!

    • Hello~ I just received a trade from you containing some Rare seeds; I was just wondering if you sent over the wrong seeds by accident? The type that you put up for trade are Super Rare Seeds, and are a lot more expensive ;; I’m interested in getting them for my herbalist, but they’re going for about 5k FC per seed in stalls right now and it’s a bit too expensive for me, so is there any chance you’d like to part with them for a slightly lower price?

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