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User ID: #60154
Username: PastelShadows
Gender: Fox (Male)
Last Online: 19 Mar 2019, 7:44 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 5:34 pm


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Thank you to any anon gifter!!! Sorry I couldn't thank you normally!!!

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Pastel/Jay/Fox | INFP-T | He/Him | Single | Neutral Good/Chaotic Neutral | -2 hour FV Time
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The One Responsible For The Downfall Of The Fox Potion Economy

Hi! I'm Jay, also known as Pastel or Fox~! I’m a hobbyist artist and have been drawing since 2011. I started drawing digitally on October 3, 2014 looking to improve my art! I have 2 cats and I love them dearly. I’m really nervous and shy but around my friends I can be crazy and wild. Don’t be afraid to get in contact with me through comments or messages, I love meeting different types of people and personalities online. I find enjoyment in space, drawing, talking with people about my OCs, escapism, movies, books, my friends, snuggling in blankets, streaming, music, and petting my cats. I'm very socially awkward and never go out much. I have little to no friends irl, my whole life is online it seems unhealthy but that's just how i roll.
I'm really active on discord so feel free to poke me for my code and/or my server!

Wishlist said:
3177-mystery-kitsune-bag.png641-paintie-ticket.png567-fox-morphing-potion.png 4053-gilded-treasure-chest.png
Anything on Here (this is a clickable link)
Any Food Items or ingredients as well! <3 I mainly make the 2 salads and the TEP, OD, and OFB Items!

Current Goals:
~Have a pastel paintie for every costume (15/15)
~Get every single lance in the game for my gallery (2/12)
~Have every type of fox on my profile,not costumes (10/13)
~Get every single fox related item on furvila (check spreadsheet in wishlist)
~Get the whole set of kitsune equipment(3/6)
~Get 10k Fox Potions (701/10,000)

Symbol meanings:
- -Responds to you in character
none -Doesn't respond in character
_ -Not developed enough to respond in character

Lance-C-Bones and I are not the same person!
I am simply very good friends with him!



foxy friend trophy made by Kirurik

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    • Thank you very much, Pastel! He's very cute in your style! Do I have your permission to upload him if I'm allowed to upload a paintie? : )

    • Hello! Thank you for the warm welcome. :)

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Well, hello there! This is such a lovely drawing, and I look so happy in my stripes! Thank you, foxy friend.

    • Awwwww what a cute me! Thank you so very very much that's so thoughtful! I will cherish this gift forever. Also, i love all the different versions of yourself! :D


    • YAY LANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Its one of my favourite arts I've ever gotten =)

    • I shall display your art proudly for all to see!

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