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Username: DivideByZiro
Gender: Male
Last Online: 15 Dec 2018, 3:43 am
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    • hey do you take items for commisions i have two sr fde pets and i want to get one or two of your amazing shifties! how much do they usually cost?

    • Untitled10.png
      i love my adopt tysm i made cute fanart of her!!

    • I'm cis but tbh that entire truscum thread had my stomach in coils just skimming it. I'm so glad that someone spoke out against it after so many people were just patting each other on the backs like they're taking pride in such harmful beliefs. Tbh I don't even see how that thread is being allowed on furvilla considering it's a bunch of people praising each other over believing others they can't be trans unless they hate their bodies.

    • Guzma oh my good god yes of course, I'm personally a dysphoria-experiencing trans person, but I really really don't believe all trans people have to be like me! it's incredible to me that transcum feel comfortable and proud to "come out" with their nasty beliefs and I'm really glad there's at least one person who agrees qwq

    • ty for standing up for us on the truscum post! <333

    • By the way are you by any chance taking items for commissions? I have some decent stuff I'm trying to get rid of, and I still love your style! If so, let me know if anything in my stall or Toybox appeals and I'll PM ya; if not, no worries! Hope you have a nice day either way, and it's always nice to see ya around! :3

    • It's fine! I'll probably go for a base redraw~~ Thanks for letting me know! I'll keep this in mind so I don't spend it all on pets and warrior items! ^u^

    • taezilla aa I'm so so sorry for taking so long to get back to you! I'm a little backed up at the moment, but I can definitely let you know when I'm free to do one for you! <3
      I do base redraws for 100FD/kFC, big edits and splicing an extra 5o; and shifties range from 200-1000FD, based on the completeness!

    • I'd like to commission a paintie from you but I don't know how much that would be (FV currency) and I'm not sure if they're open?

    • I'd like to commission a chibi from you! How much would it be?)

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