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User ID: #7869
Username: tsvi
Gender: Nonbinary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:44 pm

Profile description

and i know when it rains, oh, it pours
and i know i was born to be yours !!

rinne + 21 + he/they/it + mst (fv -2)
important note
i'm mentally ill & currently care for a disabled mother & brother.
sometimes i take many days to reply, or forget entirely.
please don't be afraid to remind me! :+)
(images are clickable links!)

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    • Thank you, Generous Bean <3

    • That is so sweet! <3 And you're welcome to send anything you'd like. C: (i love your pigeon profile!)

    • [ I just wanted to say that I hope you have a nice day and the pixel on your page is so cute! ]

    • Thank you for the nice comment! :D

    • Thank you for the visit! Feel free to come back anytime <3

    • Bless that's so cute!
      I hope you have a fabulous day, good luck with your plushie collection! ♡

    • oh my god thank you so much ;;;w;;;

    • Stop it you or I might just melt! That's far too nice of you to say aaa heck ://>
      I appreciate you too! (your profile's looking beautiful by the way, love the cute artwork in your bio!)

    • Eheh, I wish you luck on the rest of your collection :3c

    • D'awee thank you too, you're a total sweetheart!
      In retrospect I could've given you a much nicer plushie :''c I'll keep an eye on the thread so I can hop in and do just that!

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