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Username: Acclivius
Gender: Female
Registered: 19 Dec 2016, 4:01 pm


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Female | 24 | Aquarius | INFP

Hi there! I'm Acclivius, but you can call me Rebby if you'd like. I'm an artist, writer, gamer, and rat enthusiast! I'm also a pretty big fan of Agent Smith from the Matrix and Queek Headtaker from Warhammer Fantasy/AoS. Don't be shy to chat with me! I'm very friendly!

If you need any DMM medicine, just ask! Doctor Noodle makes em for free!

My Dragons:

Find Me Elsewhere:
Dragon Cave
Tales of Ostlea
Forest of Mirrors

CSS came from here!

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    • Is that your profile that says you turn 24 today? Happy birthday, hon! :D

    • Thanks! It's actually by Exino, I haven't added the credit yet.

    • GreaseRoach , yeah the person who commissioned them gave them just about the best names ever! XD

    • oh good, i was hoping they didn't get the "coypright axe" because of the names/descriptions, even though they were just witch kitties lol

    • GreaseRoach , I made the witch kitties for someone else. They should still be in use! :3

    • awww what happened to the witch kitties? :(

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