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User ID: #85148
Username: Bog
Gender: Male
Last Online: 24 May 2017, 10:03 am
Registered: 15 Jan 2017, 3:45 am

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just passing by?

Good, because I can't hold up convos for too long

so enjoy your stay until it gets awkward because none of us are gonna say anything


still here?

alright, Imma tell you a bit about me:
I draw, write, play the ukulele and listen to Mindless Self Indulgence and random trap remixes 99% of the day. sometimes I also hang around with one of my, like, 2 friends, but that's rather rare

Stuff I can do for you:
- do a commission
- rp when I'm not busy
- help you write your story (I write too, so I can supply you with tips)
- help you improve your art (Full of art tips too)
- be a friend

- paintie tickets
- toyhou.se code (;-;)
- friends


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    • Snekk likes your clan dynamic.. he hopes you are not gone

    • I didn't see that you drew my Dutch Angel Dragon until just now. Thank you so much :D I love it.

    • No problem dude uwu I also changed the link from that thread to your art shop instead! Hopefully it'll get more attention that way

    • Sure!

    • I love your signature om g

    • You're welcome!! (Also im loving your rick and morty Sig)

    • Oh well, hello then!
      I don't really know what else to say (two persons not good at smalltalk are a bad idea XD) But like I said, if you want you can shove edgy characters into my face.

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