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Username: Pichi2214
Gender: Unspecified
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 10:48 am

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I8K6w.gif Hello to everyone visiting this page! I8K6w.gif
My hometown is Dragon's Maw Manor, but I'm often on vacation for costume materials. ^^

I am from Germany and I love
- anime (too many to list)
- cartoons (Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Over the Garden Wall)
- video games (mostly Nintendo games like Pokémon, Fantasy Life, Fire Emblem, Etrian Odessey etc, though I watched a lot of Let's Plays so I know a lot more games)
- Let's Plays (mostly from german people like Suishomaru or HerrDekay)
- musicals (Hamilton, Dracula, Dance of the Vampires, Jekyll and Hyde, Heathers, Count of Monte Cristo, Phantom of the Opera)
- and singing songs as well as dancing when no one is around
- animals (nearly every animal)
- my cat (her name's Amaterasu, but everyone calls her Ammy)
- fantasy creatures (like dragons, vampires, angels, demons etc)
- every magic related stuff
- necklaces, bracelets and simply accessoires
- fluffy stuff
- scarfs, capes, cloaks and everything that'll fly in the wind XD
- rain, the cold, the night
and a lot of other stuff! ^^

My wish list:
- basically every costume pattern book or costume
- every rare colored pet you don't need
- everything you don't need

- medicine shop "Death's Cure"
Tsiko the Reaper, Doctor
Caible the mythic wolf, Herbalist
Rose the mouse, Herbalist apprentice
Noiren the black cat, Doctor apprentice
- a seed trade is part of the shop, Caible will handle these trades
- morphing potion shop "Universal Potions"
Riza the galactic dragon, Alchemist

Planned Villagers:
Basically the big plan is to get every possible villager. (event magical plush villager excluded)

Fun fact, I like to use the ^^ smiley at the end of my sentences or my comments.

Villagers 66

Comments 23

    • your inventory is full again hehe xD

    • pichi, don't forget about the 2nd trade I sent you u///u <3

    • Didnt wanna derail the thread anymore than it has been already. Sorry for snapping at you, I've just had people bugging me for art stuff to get done.

    • Thank you so much for the Reaper costume......Raina looks AWESOME!!!


    • No problem, I wanted you to know I apppreciate what you do!

    • You are amazing friend, keep being yourself. ^^

    • Thank you Pichi you're a doll!! <3

    • Eee thank you !! <3333 I lOVE HIM D: !!

    • well looks like I'm german too so hi wassup owo

    • No problem with the random friend request! I'm glad you at least left a comment first. Thank you! ;w; I love it when people appreciate the stuff I've worked. My villagers' profiles are constantly growing and changing!

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