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Username: Lupin
Gender: Female
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 2:47 pm

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My villager profiles and villager comments are in-character. I ignore/delete all non-roleplay comments (including compliments!) but I read and appreciate every single one!

I like chocolate, if that wasn't obvious.

Welcome to Lupin Lane, located at the edge of the woods. Its narrow length coils like a snake around the shadow of the looming castle tucked among the trees. Don't let the lack of streetlights and the heavy mist over this small kingdom dissuade you. Most of the villagers inhabiting the houses tucked among the trees are quite welcoming to visitors. Their porchlights glow warmly, beckoning you closer. Each of them has a story to tell, a hard life behind them, an ambition, and perhaps a willingness to share.


Many of my villagers are part of a cohesive storyline, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. If you enjoy that sort of things, read their biographies carefully and examine the links to other characters to discover the story of this little kingdom! You can also ask the villagers questions directly, if you're up for a tiny little bit of roleplay. However, be careful. Several of these villagers are quite ruthless, and unless you come at them from a specific angle, they'll shut the door right in your face. Best to try some of the easier ones first, if you're nervous.

Villagers are currently in order of approximate political ranking/category!

Sirius is my partner in crime, and their kingdom's story is closely linked to mine. Some links go to their villagers.

Grifflies Moderator!

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    • Quiet and polite sneezing on your profile

    • Also, I absolutely adore your chocolate profile theme!!

    • Heyo! I was wondering if you have all the Etienne plushes your heart desires? I've found two in a row today dashing across the bridge and figured I could offer you one if you wanted anymore of your own item!

    • I like your sweets themed page.

    • Haha, thanks!! ^^ Have a great day!!

    • Oh, congrats! x)

      Are you having trouble accepting the item transfer? I noticed it wasn't in your gallery.

    • Hey, would you still be looking to buy a dark hot chocolate packet? I just got one from the fashion show raffle thing.

    • *loud unattractive sneezing on your profile

    • Is there any specific minipets you'd trade the blue chirp for?

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