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User ID: #92573
Username: Connor_Murphy
Gender: Male
Last Online: 25 May 2020, 1:12 am
Registered: 24 Apr 2017, 10:28 pm

Profile description

Hi! I'm Connor. :) (He/They) (FtM) Not that it matters I guess.

I probably seem younger than I am. I try to be bubbly and nice, but maybe I come off a bit young from it, haha. I can be mature when needed though, so I guess that's what matters. :>

Also, thank you so so so much for any gifts! I've no idea why anyone would gift me but I really appreciate all the fairies and users that have gifted me over the years. I really appreciate it, and it always manages to make me happy, if just for a moment.

Stuff about me:
-I've never had a real friend til recently
-i'll probably cry if you do something nice to or for me
-I have social anxiety and have trouble talking to people.
-I was a lesbian but now i'm gay baby
-If commissions include me having to DM first, there's a chance I won't get it :')
-I REALLY want to be in theatre but anxiety so
-I'm kinda depressed so heyy
-V. Sensitive
-Evan Hansen's first name is Mark and I have trust issues now (I actually have trust issues though)

-My old user was Leafeon1010

Mental Health Stuff:
Anxiety/Social Anxiety

probably more. I try to be nice to everyone, sorry if I slip.

My major interests are art and theatre, and here's a list of musicals I like/need to get into. A * means I like it a bit more! A ! means I've seen it live!

Total Favourites:

Like (Watched Bootleg/ Seen IRL):
Dear Evan Hansen *
Heathers* (My first~)
Be More Chill
Book of Mormon!* 10/7/18
Mean Girls
RENT! (on fox) 1/27/19
Wicked! * 3/27/19
Hairspray (Movie)
Spongebob the Musical (Live on TV)

Like Soundtrack But Haven't Seen:
Groundhog Day
Fly By Night
The Lightning Thief
Chicago (Got the movie! Missed it live)

Need to Get Into:
Legally Blonde
The Lion King
Days Of Rage
Willy Wonka (not the movie)
The King and I
The Prom

And more I cant remember rn ^^
In my lists a "*" (asterisk) means I like it more!

Art, Musicals, Warriors, Pokemon, Neil Patrick Harris, everything below. My fave band is Tally Hall.

Shows I like:
Galavant, AGGretsuko, Impractical Jokers, Adam Ruins Everything, BNHA, Tacoma FD, Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog (not a show but stillll)

Fave Games:
Kid Icarus: Uprising, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. Tokyo Dark: Remembrance is also super good! (For non story-driven, Minecraft)

Video Game Series I Like:
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Professor Layton, Animal Crossing

Neil Patrick Harris is a magician!! :'D

Ask me about stuff ^^

Also feel free to shoot me a friend request if you like anything I like or wanna talk about whatever! I don't bite :D
(you can pm me if you wanna talk about random stuff. i have a lotta triggers that can cause me bad anxiety though but they really shouldnt come up in conversation unless we share a LOT.)

My pfp was made by @EggTheif
My sig was made by harleyshib383
Character is Zoey, my Zangoose.

Stardust Kitterpillar
Winged Corgi (I bred it!)
Striped Fennec Fox (Thank you PrayingMantis!)
Spotted Fennec Fox
African Wild Corgi (Thank you CrunchyLatte!)
Cumulonimbus Thundercat
Flowering Gaiacat
Watermelon Gaiacat
Timber Wolf Cub
Cocoa Dusted Crested Pup
Siamese Kitterpillar
Lovebug Kitterpillar
Vine Pumpkitty
Smorgis <3 (Thank you multiple people!)
(Honestly just for my reference! I don't wanna forget what I wanna breed or what's cute ;;)

Find me elsewhere!
Pokefarm- leafeon1010 (kinda inactive)
Toyhou.se- Leafeon1010
Drawception- ConnorMurphy (kinda inactive)
Chicken Smoothie- Leafeon1010 (inactive)
Transformice- Leafeon1010 (inactive)
DeviantArt- Leafeon1010 (kinda inactive)
Fishao- Leafeon1010 (Inactive)

Can't remember what else I play...

Usernames I want but will never have: (not in order)
Connor_Murphy (current)
Leafeon1010 (mine except on neopets or somethin)
Blaze (or Blaze_The_Cat)

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    • Yes, Beetlejuice is one of my favorites!

      you caught me-

    • Reasonable. Just thought I'd recommend it ^^ personally, my favorite song has to be All You Wanna Do or Don't Lose Ur Head

    • Hello fellow musical geek! Just here to recommend the musical Six; it's about King Henry's six ex-wives and each of them are trying to say how bad they had it so they can lead the band.
      It's good, I swear.

    • thanks its just really hard for me to have to turn someone down just because I don't want to draw for them. I really appreciate your understanding.

    • Thanks. Its really aggravating but the worst part isn't that I have to make a new thread but instead that I can decide if I should block them or not. I don't like blocking people but I really don't want to draw for them.

    • Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on getting Raymond!

    • i just read your art shop description and noticed you're an unnus annus fan- me too! :0

    • :O It is?? Thank you, I didn't know!!

    • I knew I'd manage to mess up my math somewhere along the way.... Thank you for your honesty <3

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