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User ID: #92573
Username: Connor_Murphy
Gender: Female
Last Online: 29 Feb 2020, 1:08 am
Registered: 24 Apr 2017, 10:28 pm

Profile description

Hi! I'm Leaf, but you can call me Connor, Leaf, Leafie, or Willow. Or anything else as long as it's not rude ^^ (They/He/She)

In my lists a "*" (asterisk) means I like it more!

Stuff about me:
-I have social anxiety and have trouble talking to people.
-I'm a homo-romantic ace with terrible posture.
-If commissions include me having to DM first, there's a good chance I won't get it :')
-I REALLY want to be in theatre but anxiety so
-I'm kinda depressed so heyy
-V. Sensitive
-Evan Hansen's first name is Mark and I have trust issues now
-My old user was Leafeon1010

Mental Health Stuff:
Anxiety/Social Anxiety
probably more.

My major interests are art and theatre, and here's a list of musicals I like/need to get into. A * means I like it a bit more! A ! means I've seen it live!

Like (Watched Bootleg/ Seen IRL):
Dear Evan Hansen *
Heathers* (My first~)
Be More Chill
Book of Mormon!* 10/7/18
Mean Girls
RENT! (on fox) 1/27/19
Wicked! * 3/27/19

Like Soundtrack But Haven't Seen:
Groundhog Day
Fly By Night
The Lightning Thief

Need to Get Into:
Spongebob the Musical
Legally Blonde
Something Rotten!
The Lion King
Days Of Rage
Willy Wonka (not the movie)
The King and I
The Prom

And more I cant remember rn!!

Art, Musicals, Set it Off, Pokemon, everything below

Shows I like:
Galavant, The Politician, AGGRetsuko, Impractical Jokers, Adam Ruins Everything, BNHA, Tacoma FD, Mlp:FiM, The Pokemon anime (not really s/m tho)

Video Games I like:
DDLC, NITW, UT/DR, Cattails, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Kid Icarus: Uprising*****, Pokemon Silver, Black, and UM*,

Video Game Series I Like:
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon*****, Professor Layton*****, Animal Crossing*, FNaF

Some Favorite Actors:
Mike Faist
Ben Platt
George Salazar
Will Connolly
Will Roland
Laura Dreyfuss
(basically original casts oof)
and more! Those are some faves though.

Ask me about stuff ^^

Also feel free to shoot me a friend request if you like anything I like or wanna talk about whatever! I don't bite :D

My pfp was made by SpoiledMilk
My sig was made by harleyshib383
The icy clouds were made by me.
Character is Veronica, my glaceon.

Stardust Kitterpillar
Winged Corgi
Striped Fennec Fox
Spotted Fennec Fox
African Wild Corgi
Cumulonimbus Thundercat
Flowering Gaiacat
Watermelon Gaiacat
Timber Wolf Cub
Cocoa Dusted Crested Pup
Siamese Kitterpillar
Lovebug Kitterpillar
Vine Pumpkitty
Smorgis <3
(Honestly just for my reference lmao I don't wanna forget these cuties)

Find me elsewhere!
Toyhou.se- Leafeon1010
Drawception- ConnorMurphy
Chicken Smoothie- Leafeon1010 (inactive)
Transformice- Leafeon1010 (inactive)
DeviantArt- Leafeon1010
Fishao- Leafeon1010 (Inactive)
Can't remember what else I play...

Usernames I want but will never have: (not in order)
Connor_Murphy (current)
Leafeon1010 (mine)
Blaze (or Blaze_The_Cat)

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    • I like red wall too ^-^ I wish I could see hamlton or the lightning theft

    • No no no it’s okay it isn’t your fault, I just don’t like seeing other people get hurt in any way, and I like helping people who I think need it.
      And still if you ever need to talk I’m here okay?

    • Bjhgjhgguyguvtutvguugvdddw fam I saw your post in the Current Thought thread and I wanna ask: are you okay? Do you need someone to talk to? Because I’ll let you talk to me about anything and I’ll do my best to help. Sorry if this is intrusive, I just DESPISE terrible people and friends, because I’ve met and had a few of those before.

      Also it sounded like they were emotionally manipulating you, and I also can’t fucking STAND manipulation of any kind

    • Lol, I kind of just skimmed your profile and saw your old user. Hope that's not cheating!

    • OMG youre right...sorry lol i was super tired last night and i was going through my list of art im supposed to be getting and i forgot to cross you off. Im super sorry! Im so dumb lol

    • hey sorry to bother, i was just wondering if you were still doing that art of valentine?

    • (imma put this here because i don't wanna "bump" my thread) Aww, thank you! I love your art, too! It's very distinctive

    • Ahh! D: That's embarassing
      But yes! It's really, really pretty. Everything works so well together. ♡ I 'cozy' just looking at it

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