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Cooking Up Suggestions and Feedback

Posted by Staff on 4 Nov 2016, 4:43 pm


Hello all, just a couple quick things to discuss so I hope that you can bear with me here for just a few minutes. And I know that I am putting the funnest bit of news first but please be sure to read all the way through, it’s worth it, I promise.

Cooking Career?

We are in the early stages of development with a potential new Villager career path, cooking! But before we continue the long journey that is creating a brand new career, we’d like to hear what you think. While there seems to be quite a bit of interest coming through the Suggestion box, we are aware that that is still only representative of a few individual opinions. So I have created a thread for polite discussion with staff and other users where you can come and share your thoughts and even ask questions about this potential new job for your Villagers. I know all of us on Staff are looking forward to seeing what you have to say.

Feedback Thread
**Don't forget to check the first post periodically for updates!**

Paintie Emails

We’ve seen concern raised about Paintie Emails ([email protected]) not being answered, sitting for a long time, ect. So we are going to see what we can do to fix the situation and make sure you all are getting everything you need from myself and the Paintie Staff but to do this we’re going to need your help.

To start off, please be sure to have a clear subject line for your Contact Us form or Email, it helps to more quickly sort out what is what. Below is a list of the most common types of Emails we receive and are examples of subject lines we’d love to see you all using.

-Paintie Rejection Inquiry
-Existing Paintie Fix
-Wiped Paintie Replacement or Refund
-Paintie Base/Sketch Check
-Other Paintie Issue

Email/Contact Us Form:

Username & Number:
Villager ID Number:
Rejection Notice Received or Reason for Wipe: (if applicable)

Requiring some of this information may seem redundant but we want to make sure no one accidentally falls through the cracks and that we have all needed information available to get you a response as quickly as possible.

*If you have sent in a form or email and not gotten a response after a week, please resend and PM myself Admin_Mateusz to check and make sure that your email has actually gotten to our inbox. Unfortunately we have had some glitching here and there with lost emails and lost responses.*

Suggestions & New Features

For anyone that might not be aware, we added the Idea Development section into the forums a little over a month ago. And we are glad to see so many people using this feature to discuss and gather their thoughts into full fledged little idea bundles that are ready to be sent along to our Suggestions email!

But I have seen that some of you are concerned about your emails not being read and only receiving an automatic response so I am here to address that for you. I know that for some, that auto response can be a bit discouraging but please know that all of your emails are being seen and read, by me personally. None of you are invisible and your suggestions are appreciated, I have a whole list of things set aside to discuss with my fellow Staff members all thanks to you busy little beta bees. I hope that you all enjoy the little tweaks that we’ve approved that will be coming your way soon.

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    • I would like the cooking career, but only if it provides bonuses to our villagers. If it is a 'we now have to feed our villagers or they'll die' sort of thing, I'm gone. I do not like games that essentially make me log in every few days to avoid losing everything. I barely get on here as it is with the toomuchwood update because I can no longer repair or make houses without checking this every day.

    • Cooking would be cool. Maybe only have effects that benefit you with no drawbacks if you don't feed.

    • that sounds super cool! i would really love there to be rarities on the foods too, just so we don't have the same problem of minipets
      speaking of which, i'm thinking using minipets as food wouldn't be that bad of an idea
      maybe some people would get offended by it but
      it's a game, and maybe the minipet wouldn't explicitly get hurt
      like how small-farm cows work
      they make milk naturally and the farmer just harvests, still loving and caring for them like a pet

      I also support the idea of an energy/hunger bar! But hopefully it wouldn't decrease too quickly, that would suck. :c Maybe just -8 out of 100 per day? It should give the user ample time to make food. Even then, common foods just to fill up the villager should be really easy to make. Of course, they wouldn't have any boosts to them if they were common. If they were rare, harder to make, and had good boosts, I'm sure there'd be a good market for that!

    • i think the cooking career could be fun, depending on how it works and where the ingredients come from. and even though the paintie email issues don't affect me, it's nice to see that you're working on them :3

    • Fang I like the idea of the minipets being turned into food, however horrible it may sound. If that is done, then the minipets would be going out of the game more and maybe they won't have to implement those changes to animal husbandry. If the villagers have to be given food to work, then they might be able to get rid of the worker system, letting us have more than ten villagers working at the same time.

    • Please please don't put in feeding our villagers... it's such a empty task and some users can only get on for limited time and if that time is cut because they need to feed their villagers then it kinda ruins the game for them :/
      Stat boosting though would be fantastic!
      For Warriors - Damage bonus (add's damage)
      Explorers - Stamina Boosters (anywhere from 3-5 extra explores maybe)
      Animal Husbandry - Critter Food! (Give's maybe 5-10% increase chance for domesticating?)
      Constructionist - Time Bonus ( A hefty meal to decrease construction time)
      Doctors - Brain Food (Add's 5% to medicine potency?)

      Also and I know it sounds bad but like maybe.... M A Y B E ?????? Could we possibly use.... some of the AH Animals, like Oceandome pets for like sushi? Or like Basilisk Chicken Wings? Wabbit Stew? Jelly Jelly? Octiamari? Like all feelings aside for two seconds but the mini animal population is out of control guys :/ I honestly think we need more than one option (like the possibility of breeding charges) to help cut them back and help raise their worth and this could be a valid and viable option in doing so?

    • dude yes i wanna COOK
      like you could use it for temporary energy/ability boosts for workers, luring/boosting new pets, etc... idk i just wanna COOK

      also wouldnt there have to be some new items introduced to work w/ that?

    • Cooking would have to have something behind it, right?
      Like, could it be used to feed and help Animal Husbandry towards getting rarer animals?
      or like something to help with potions?

    • I would love a cooking career! It fits in perfectly with some of my villagers.