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User ID: #46140
Username: Dragonpud
Last Online: 1 Feb 2021, 8:06 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 4:01 pm

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~300 FD | 160k FC | $3.00~
rate of 1:550 i believe?
~ DeviantART | FurAffinity | InkBunny | Weasyl ~

------------------Affiliate Shops-----------------
tehutiy_banner_by_dragonpud-db24dvi.png winterbliss_button_by_dragonpud-db2m9zw.
Currently Working On
-------Angelic for Tehutiy -------
5/5 Angelic Fabric
1/1 Cloud Sewing Set
250/250 Sky Rock
250/250 Feather
0/1 Seraph Wings

12/100 Sky Coin
1/1 Miniature Wings
-------Sorcerer for myself-------
5/5 Icy Fabric
1/1 Icy Sewing Set
250/250 Magic Gem
250/250 Spellbook Page
1 Frozen Orb

0/100 Frosted Tokens
1/1 Orb Shards

River (sorcerer)
Ahdonis (sorcerer)
Varrik (dutch pot + fluffy)
Ghost Writer - barghest paintie (pending unpaid)
PENDING DRAGONS (2 more houses)
Kravix (diver)
Itzaak (pot + fairy)
bouncy villager CSS provided by @Seirogan
CSS help and bouncy minipets on my villagers provided by Tehutiy

Villagers 26

Comments 17

    • my GOD your css!!! Ughhh<33 id do anything for that rainbow text. So cool!!!

    • With my current villager I can confirm that taurs aren't shiftie only

    • Hey um-
      Thanks for the seeds! I really appreciate it althoughIdon'treallyknowwhyyoujustgavemethem but still.

    • Oh wait I can't on school wifi, I'll do it when I get home

    • Ah ok XD I'll open it up so you can look if you want

    • Skeletons . I'd noticed lol. It tells me when you last logged on. Unfortunately, it also doesn't let me visit your park unless you've been on lately >.<

    • lol yea, but I don't really play it much anymore

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