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Cooking Up Suggestions and Feedback

Posted by Staff on 4 Nov 2016, 4:43 pm


Hello all, just a couple quick things to discuss so I hope that you can bear with me here for just a few minutes. And I know that I am putting the funnest bit of news first but please be sure to read all the way through, it’s worth it, I promise.

Cooking Career?

We are in the early stages of development with a potential new Villager career path, cooking! But before we continue the long journey that is creating a brand new career, we’d like to hear what you think. While there seems to be quite a bit of interest coming through the Suggestion box, we are aware that that is still only representative of a few individual opinions. So I have created a thread for polite discussion with staff and other users where you can come and share your thoughts and even ask questions about this potential new job for your Villagers. I know all of us on Staff are looking forward to seeing what you have to say.

Feedback Thread
**Don't forget to check the first post periodically for updates!**

Paintie Emails

We’ve seen concern raised about Paintie Emails ([email protected]) not being answered, sitting for a long time, ect. So we are going to see what we can do to fix the situation and make sure you all are getting everything you need from myself and the Paintie Staff but to do this we’re going to need your help.

To start off, please be sure to have a clear subject line for your Contact Us form or Email, it helps to more quickly sort out what is what. Below is a list of the most common types of Emails we receive and are examples of subject lines we’d love to see you all using.

-Paintie Rejection Inquiry
-Existing Paintie Fix
-Wiped Paintie Replacement or Refund
-Paintie Base/Sketch Check
-Other Paintie Issue

Email/Contact Us Form:

Username & Number:
Villager ID Number:
Rejection Notice Received or Reason for Wipe: (if applicable)

Requiring some of this information may seem redundant but we want to make sure no one accidentally falls through the cracks and that we have all needed information available to get you a response as quickly as possible.

*If you have sent in a form or email and not gotten a response after a week, please resend and PM myself Admin_Mateusz to check and make sure that your email has actually gotten to our inbox. Unfortunately we have had some glitching here and there with lost emails and lost responses.*

Suggestions & New Features

For anyone that might not be aware, we added the Idea Development section into the forums a little over a month ago. And we are glad to see so many people using this feature to discuss and gather their thoughts into full fledged little idea bundles that are ready to be sent along to our Suggestions email!

But I have seen that some of you are concerned about your emails not being read and only receiving an automatic response so I am here to address that for you. I know that for some, that auto response can be a bit discouraging but please know that all of your emails are being seen and read, by me personally. None of you are invisible and your suggestions are appreciated, I have a whole list of things set aside to discuss with my fellow Staff members all thanks to you busy little beta bees. I hope that you all enjoy the little tweaks that we’ve approved that will be coming your way soon.

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    • If we get the cooking career we should also get a Chef costume for our villagers

    • I hope a cook/chef career also includes pastries. I'd love for my Ruby to be able to make cupcakes XD. Also please DON'T include hunger/energy meters please, make it a bonus only! ;v;

    • This does sound very interesting. And it would be wonderful if perhaps the first 10 villagers are fed by a 'communal pot' where you don't have to feed them to allow them to work, but perhaps if you want any villager to work after that, you have to feed them and different foods allow them to work for different amounts of time.

    • If a cooking career means I have to keep my villagers fed or they die/go inactive from starvation then I'm gonna be in a lot of trouble.

      Nice to see that the paintie email issue is being addressed. I never got a reply to the questions I sent in asking for help, so I'm glad maybe that will change for others.

    • I like the idea of a cooking career, but how would that benefit the villagers? So far each of the careers there is a benefit to the villager. Does that mean that we will have to feed our pets? Or our villagers? WHAT will we have to feed? And if we don't does that mean we lose them? Or will the disappear/die on us?

      Personally what I would like to see with the cooking is that it gives us other career buffs. Like the costumes do, but the food only lasts for maybe 24 hours or something like that. I really don't want to have to feed pets/villagers.

      Anyway, that is my two cents on the cooking career.

    • Ooooh, a cooking career! :3 That sounds fun! ^_^ hehe I can just imagine villagers coming together to make Furvilla's first fast-food chain of sorts xD (Probably not what it'll be like, but the thought is funny xD)


      maybe food could restore hp!

    • Suggestions for cooking... That I have:
      -3 Food types for each village. Pastry, Generals, Plants.
      -There is 1 master cookbook for each type of food.
      -When you but it, its blank! You need to experiment, or buy recipes. (Based on somereal recipesand some made upones to fit furvilla. Like..Basilisk Soup!)
      -When you eat a specific kind of food, it boosts you in a career or so for a specific amount of time. Common foods: 1 harvest/fight/potion etc. It boosts the dirability or outcome of the item when made.
      Uncommon foods: 1 Hour
      Rare: 1 Day
      Super rare: A few days/to a week? Week seems a little long. Or, it boosts you in all careers. Basically, eating foods is like putting on a costume peice for a bit.

      When starting, you can make mistakes IN making the food. Undercooked, wrong ingrediant, etc, This food becomes "Stale (name)" "Undercooked (name)" And so on so fourth. What can you do with this food? You can feed it to your minipets if your holding one on a villager. It raises the hearts by 3-5, and they bring back some FC possibly.

      Spoiled food: food must be eaten within aspecific ime or it rots! All food will have a time limit when its made. This also applies by the commenness of the food. Common food hasto be eaten soon. Rare food has a much longer sitting time before its rotten and must be discarded.

      Thats all I got for now lmao. :0

    • I'm so happy to see you guys communicating with us more and I'm loving it!

      As for the cooking, I would personally prefer 'Fishing' over cooking. However if cooking does come into play, I would personally like it if indeed of feeding hungry villagers, we can make different foods with different boost that last for a short while.

    • YES! There needs to be a chef/cook career that provide buffs to other careers. For example, a meal consumed by an Explorer give infinite exploration for 5-10 minutes.