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User ID: #12766
Username: SkeleLizard24
Gender: Female
Last Online: 16 Jun 2018, 5:42 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 7:17 pm

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Thanks TropicalDeer for the CSS!

Foxbury is my home village, but I'm going on a vacation to Quetzal to make all of their costumes. Then I'll be going to Dragonsmaw around Halloween and finally back to Foxbury.
Or I could just become addicted to the wandering life and stay like this forever. Most likely the ladder.

~I love pokemon
~Furry for life
~Very artsy and musically inclined
~Has stayed up until 4 am
~ binges Supernatural on a daily basis
~ secretly is an anime fan
~ *coughs*wouldsuckforsucculents*coughcough*

Never be afraid to send a pm or friend request!

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Comments 21

    • I sell them for 100FD as a rule (FD only), but right now I have a special that I accept FC also! 100FD/80k FC! ^_^

    • If you are anger over teh minipet-pocalypse on the GT why not scoop up some for free fg in the recycling shop? >:3 >:D


    • Nope lel, I was one of the jerks who contributed to the great Snowpet Spam of 2016 >:) Long live the giving dump!

    • No, actually! Abaddon is the angel of destruction or a place of destruction in the bible, which ties into one of my OCs with that name haha! I've never seen supernatural, but sounds interesting!

    • aw no problem!
      i hope we can go to canada one day and just....drink straight up maple syrup
      (and dont worry im planning on it)

    • Pfft, that gif.. perfect, haha. Thank you!

    • That's a tough one. There are so many great non-angel characters to pick from! Of course, thanks to the writer's love of killing off characters, most of my favourite ones are dead now! I do love Ellen (and Jo), Bobby, Crowley, Charlie, Kevin, Rowena.... who are all dead!

      At least Jody is still alive, and Chuck, and the boys of course. I love both Sam and Dean, but I'd say that Dean is my fave too.

    • Hey fellow SPN fan, thanks for the comment! Yeah, I love Supernatural, and the angels are my favourite species, so when I joined FV I just had to have cute furry angel villagers!

      Your CSS background is adorable!

    • your page is nakey, mind if I give it some "clothes"?

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