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User ID: #79116
Username: Hibiscius
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 12 Apr 2018, 4:42 pm
Registered: 15 Dec 2016, 10:21 pm

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"Green Card" The card reveals a friendly, welcoming figure. Everything will be okay, and you know that no matter what challenges you face, you'll feel better after having faced them.

I gotta post one, oh gosh!

Well, first of all you're one of my FP's so I love you for that! You're always really supportive of my art escapades and buy my stuff a lot, so I really really appreciate that! Oh yeah, I can't forget all the times you've helped me out when I was having mental health issues and stuff! Overall, you're really cool and sweet and I'm so glad I get to know you!

EDIT: Oh my gosh wr had the same idea, that's fantastic -laughs-

https://g.co/kgs/wgIcOL If you're ever feeling down, listen to this song

Wish list:
Paintie Ticket X2
Any mini pet that we lack

Souls of the Damned
Magical Scarf Rabbit Plush
Scarf Rabbit Plush
http://blizzardwatch.com/2017/06/13/tracers-girlfriend-emily-gets-nod-latest-overwatch-ptr-patch/ (Happy screeching because of the hidden story and two con nerds behind it)
http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/57615-smol-garden-friends-semiclosed-species?page=1 Our Adoptable Shop

She/Her They/Them
Hibiscius , sink some into giving each of your villagers 2 feast points (the soup). It'll lower the required minimum for the rainbow one, by adding low numbers to the average. The prices keep going up because folks are focusing on just one villager, instead of feeding them all something.
I for one, want to see more people get the SR, so I'm doing my part, by entering all of my villagers into the contest at the lowest possible level.

Wait what really?

Yes, the minimum feast points is figured on an average of all villagers entered. That's why there are so many pages of villagers from the same players, all at only 2 feast points. We've got your back, son. :)

How interesting! I never knew this

Breeder Villagers:
Valkyrie (Uncommon, Limited, and Rare)
Talon Grunt (Everything else)

@April_ONeil said:

A new Parasol Pet has come to life!

Frisk, inspired by Undertale!


Being near this Parasol Pet fills you with determination.

@April_ONeil said:

The elders gather together in a semi-circle, muttering strange chants with unknown words around Hibiscius' newly formed Kasa-obake Kanshi-sha. A brief, gentle glow surrounds the creature, then fades. Dapper Dot Bun has been bonded to Hibiscius ' village!

@April_ONeil said:
Adopted Parasol Pets

Dragon- belongs to Hibiscius! Bonded with the entirety of their native village.

(Get your own here:http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/57191-parasol-pets-3)

Created by: noll

RANDOM ADOPTS: (these adopts weren't released in a series the prices are posted next to them)
Neo Dragon
Get your own baby dergs and cuties here: http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/57253-tiu-asrt-ai-smmiisi?page=1

Floofer created by WinterBliss (Get your own here: http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/57808-blissy-adopts-open?page=2#1228386)

1) [Sold to Hibiscius]001.jpg
Check out this thread and maybe you too could adopt a new friend for 3 FD: http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/59654-characters-for-3fd

Egg2: Nibbly Butterfly
Hatched! Lives with Hibiscius's villagers
Get your own Scribblin here: http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/58161-scribblin-eggs-25fd50kfc?page=1

Hibiscius Corgi with a corgi :P hopefully this is alright

Also, apologies to everyone for taking so long to actually post these XC As always, the items can be cropped if need be, and please make sure to give credit if you post anywhere :)


So you can quote!

Someone knows how to challenge me, that was my first time trying to draw a pixelly rose!!! x3

@April_ONeil said:


The elders gather together in a semi-circle, muttering strange chants with unknown words around Hibiscius' three Kasa-obake Kanshi-sha. A brief, gentle glow the creatures, then fades. Rainbow Flag has been bound to the entirety of their section of the village!


/* bobbing villager shield css by furvilla user tashamon! */

Villagers 20

Comments 136

    • (late reply) Chatot is doing well - still in her hormonal phase so a bit bitey; but she can be bribed with grapes and papaya. hehe. How have you been doing?

    • You're absolutely right! The term "Rose Breasted" is actually another name for a Galah, they are called Rose Breasted Cockatoos or Galah Cockatoos. :)

      I haven't actually had the pleasure to work with one, however it's actually one of my dream birds. :>

    • Thanks so much! (: She's based off an 8-year-old oc of mine. (:

    • Interested in one of these for 20 FD?
      Rainbow Cloud Koi (Male)
      Fall Seedling (Female)
      Aurora Burr (Female)

    • How far do you travel / how long are you gone? My birds mind their own business for a few days as long as they have fresh water and food. I can push two/three days at the max of not being home for my feathered kids (only once in awhile of course), and I haven't had any ill repercussions.

    • I'm with you on that one. I hand-fed baby parakeets and they would nibble on my fingers letting me know to feed them, and ouch! Even at a couple of weaks old it felt lethal. xD

      Ahh I love Galahs, and I plan to own one once I have my own home / not an apartment. I'd prefer not to make my landlord hate me and would like for my loud fids to have their own room in case of screaming fits. (And for the sake of my ears!)

    • Ahh sorry for not responding. x_x' I'd been busy trying to keep up with the feast and then all the notifications from the current event floods out a lot of things. Heh.

      Chatty is a good girl for the most part, she's just now approaching the terrible twos phase and is extremely hormonal. And honestly, the bigger the beak the less pain for some reason - they seem to not want to apply as much pressure. For instance, parrotlets albeit small hurt like the dickens when they bite!

    • it truly is ❤❤

    • no worries c:

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