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It's Festival Time!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 24 May 2019, 12:01 am


Welcome to the third annual Olde Foxbury Festival! We’re all looking forward to spending the next 2 weeks (festival will end June 7th 11:59pm) celebrating with you so go ahead and jump right into the festivities!


For those of you that have been with us for past Olde Foxbury Festivals, you’ll notice that things are a bit different this time around. Not all of our focus is going to be on Warriors or the Tourney this year, we’ve expanded to include a few other careers in the mix. Check out the details below for changes and fun new additions.


There will be no festival specific tourney, valour points or shop this year, you’ll be battling for fun and exciting new loot! Collect new items, trade extras with friends, and have a good time!


This year we are offering up four battlegrounds! (Easy, Medium, Difficult and Very Difficult) You will need to venture into the higher difficulties to find all the loot though, so be sure to read the notes below!

Each battleground includes all opponents from the lower difficulty battlegrounds, so you'll find Easy opponents in the very difficult battleground as well as much more powerful enemies.

Note that the NPCs have a higher chance to drop their own specific items, but you'll still be able to find their drops without defeating them.

But if you're mostly just after the cute stickers, you'll find a lot more of them in the easy battleground!

Finally, you may want to hang on to limited items, we've something planned for them!


Be sure to get your Explorers out there this year, we’ve got a few fun new explore events for you to run across including a brand new Prize Wheel, a mysterious run in with a very shady character, and some colorful new villagers to chat with!


Crafters & Tailors

Time to dust off those crafting and sewing tools! We’ve got a few projects for your Crafters to work on as well as a cute Plushie for your Tailor to sew together.

DIY Instructions can be obtained from The Fair Exchange for a surprisingly reasonable price so just head on over and get ready to DIY.

Village Crest Vistas

And don’t forget to get into the spirit with one of these new Village Crest forum vistas, you can find them in the Recycle Shop for the duration of the Festival.


We hope that you all enjoy yourselves!

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    • Over? Aready? Aww...I thought I had a couple more days...Guess not. XD Oh well...

    • The festival has been mostly fun but I have some critisizms. First off I feel that the 'stickers' dropped way WAY to frequently. I was flooded with stickers. Equipment drops were okay except for some of the hardest bosses in the very difficult area (ahem Vali) which means it would have been nice to see the loot sack drop more frequently then what it is. Like I know it's drop rate was changed but I couldn't tell a difference between day one and now that the drop rate for the loot sack had changed. Also I'm getting really really tired of 'outfit' clutter. 90% of stuff I got out of the loot sack was outfit clutter. The RNG needs fixed....has since this site started and not having a tourny shop has made this worse. last year I was able to battle enough to get everything I wanted. This year....RNG screwed me. Please bring back the ffestival shop.or do SOMETHING to fix the RNG.

    • I absolutely feel like this event took one step forward, two steps back.
      While I love the availability of things to get, and how explorers and crafters were given things to do as well as warriors, having everything RNG based with no tourney points/shop was EXTREMELY frustrating and exhausting. I found nothing wrong with the previous format, and given how users here have expressed previous criticism with RNG based events in the past, having a site festival based mostly on it really felt backwards and almost insensitive to the playerbase.
      The warrior job being inaccessible to those who don't have the FC for proper equipment has been a consistent issue with this game, and unfortunately this event was a big contribution that I thought we had worked past. I managed to get pretty much everything spare a piece of equipment or two, I'm disappointed and really exhausted with fighting RNG constantly on this site.

    • is it normal that the sticker packs give non magic stickers ? :c this makes me a bit sad besides that I really enjoy this event so far <3

    • Oh joy, no festival shop. Guess that means I'm getting jack squat from this event, too. The RNG on this site is horrid in my experience. Dumped countless warrior charges into these events over the years and no one ever drops anything. At least with the shop and tourney points I could BUY something to make it worth the effort.

    • Thank you so much for adding non-warrior things to the festival this time! <3 I've never actually participated in the Tourney before (despite being a year-round OFB resident), because the warrior career just isn't my thing, personally. I'm glad there's more of a variety now!

    • how do you get the discourse kitsune I need this...

    • Seems fun!

    • How has RNG blessed me with 9 out of 10 magic stickers on day 1. It's fine, I probably won't see that Necromancer until the last day.

    • Ooh lots of goodies! And the new magic stickers-- I gotta collect them all!