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Username: zaffy2005
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Last Online: 6 Dec 2021, 12:22 am
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    • 3 warriors done, and I got not a single one myself... Not sure what fairly common means but either it's not or the RNG on this site is far more broken than we realize. I'm waiting for the people who are getting them hand over paw to come in and say people who aren't getting them are complaining for no reason because that seems to be something I've seen...

    • Thank you for the seed. ^^

    • Thank you for your purchases~have a nice day~

    • Thank you for wording your concerns about the warrior career so well. I share a lot of those sentiments but you put is much better than I could have! I do also miss the old system, easy and bland as it was, but you put it just right--this current system does feel like it was made by a sadist.

    • whats it like to be wrong about everything my guy

    • Thank you for your purchase~

    • (I clicked enter early oops)
      Don't be upset after the incident on the forums. You can continue to believe what you want.)

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