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User ID: #38879
Username: Chocolatechilla
Gender: Female
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 5:53 pm

Villagers 65

Comments 78

    • What an impressive page you've got here! Thank you for your patronage!

    • YOU'RE A GOOD HUMAN AND A PRECIOUS BEAN AN I hope that no matter what you celebrate, it's good bc you're good and ily friend <3 k bye

    • You have to have an invite code. If you know anyone with a code, they might be willing to give/sell it to you.

    • It should be in your vista options automatically as a tester gift

    • Dos villagers homs

    • hahaha damn I wish I was there till the end. :')

    • muahaha~ yes! also lmao knew the thread'd get dealt with. xD rip

    • I'm so sorry; the villager has been unset as a worker and so the transfer SHOULD go through

    • "Smoky Quartz can be unset as a Worker in 1 hour, 33 minutes" ugh well that's stupid that you can't transfer villagers while they are working- I'm sorry, please let the villager get off the worker cooldown and I'll unset them and let you know asap

    • just another chinchilla owner passing by

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