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Important Email Information

Posted by Staff on 8 Dec 2016, 8:40 pm


Hello all! Dropping in with some important contact info for you guys this time so please read carefully!

Community Email

Our lovely dragon admin, Admin-Deinmaar, has been whisked away temporarily and will be unavailable until December 14th so please be patient in waiting for responses to messages sent to [email protected] - Normal Responses will resume on the 14th.

If you have an issue that is time sensitive then please send your email to [email protected] with "Time Sensitive" in your subject line.

Helper Requests

We know that a lot of you are eager to be made into an official Furvilla Helper but requests will be suspended and not responded to until Admin-Deinmaar returns on the 14th. Please be patient and do not send multiple requests or bump your messages, you aren't being ignored, we promise!

Thanks for your time and I hope all the new members are enjoy their time here with us so far ♥

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    • I hope everything's alright with Deinmaar.

    • woah woah woah woah woah, I've seen people as a helper, but How do you even become one?
      Also, hope they're alright!

    • Best wishes to Deinmaar, hope it's nothing serious!

    • How does one apply to be a helper please?

    • Best wishes to Admin-Deinmaar.
      Ty for letting us know ^.^

    • Thank you, @Admin-Mateusz.

      I won't submit now though. I'll submit when his sick leave is over probably. I'll just play the part of a helper for now without the title. : )

    • Oh! I hope they're alright!

    • @Dei You simply have to send a PM to Admin-Deinmaar expressing your interest to be a Helper and then they will contact you with anything else they might need when they return.

    • Hope Deinmaar is okay... :(

      Also, @Admin-Mateusz how do I apply to be a helper? I have brought sort of the idea of suggestion that there be something like that so I really like the sound of helping others!