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User ID: #14420
Username: SylphOfSpace
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 30 May 2020, 1:48 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:40 pm

Profile description

I'm on a kinda on and off hiatus after a few years, bare with me please
Hello There



Hey what's good, I'm Rooste and I'm a complete mess ✧


I do a lot of art related sales, including my own pre-made paintie shop, and customs!

A Little bit About Me
I really like dinosaurs. Like, stupid amounts. So if you want to geek out with me about them hmu

It's a bit hard for me to read paragraphs, like in textbooks. If you would like me to read something large,
please remember to space it out now and then! I may not understand otherwise~


Css by snowflakeartist !

Villagers 16

Comments 18

    • No worries, I'm glad you love him ^^

    • He'd come with the matching purple arcty too, so just let me know if you ever decide you wanna trade ^^ and if not no pressure!

    • Do you have any interest in Silicon or Ligeroyal?

    • Im sorry I can't link, my tablet is dumb, but I'd trade Koji O'Hara, Cumulus Magic or Nougat, or possibly more than one of them

    • I'm sorry if I asked in the past and forgot, but would you ever trade Speckle?

    • Hello Ms. Cheshiresmile ^w^ as you can see, my main villager is in Husbandry. So in natural interest when I hear about an animal I will go to the fullest to know more ^_^ Within our Oceandome Village, Seapony and the Nudibranch have visited, Is there a way they are obtainable or are they just for show X3

    • I do take customs for 15$ per design, give or take depending on complexity, edits and accessories!

    • great! im done with a traditional sketch and am starting to digitalize it :>

    • i pmed admin deinmaar about it c:

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