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Villager: Speckle

Villager Info

ID: #164784

Name: Speckle

Gender: Androgyne

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 8 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: SylphOfSpace

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: Oceandome House (65/65)

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[$ Sell]
Paintie and species by EmeraldOx !

| Androgyne | Likes He/Him | v squishy (=´∇`=) |

Speckle is a Nudragon! He's a very curious, and adventurous bean!

Speckle likes to scuddle along the ocean floor, looking for some interesting things! Some include:

  • - Shells

    - Neat Rocks

    - Basically wreckage

    - FOOD

He loves to nibble on seaweed, red fan coral, and adores purple table coral! He's been adopted by Sukii, who spoils the little bean rotten! She'll feed him lots of new corals she comes across when adventuring, and let him play with the animals that the other have bred!

Thank you for dropping by!~ Speckle appreciates your visit! Maybe if you give him a little nibble of some coral, he'll let you pet him!

Comments 7

    • *Makes delighted noises and pushes coral towards* Hello friend~

    • !!!!! (speckles is beautiful too. thank u so much)

    • oh man what a cutie boo!!

    • *cheerful burbling!*

      [Spritz is also happy to meet another of their species, hello!]

      [[and thank you <3 I have a degree in web/graphic design so it's been nice to put it to some use since it hasn't actually gotten me a job, heh...heh...]]

    • aww gosh, his bio is adorable! :D

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