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User ID: #20161
Username: Weirdmageddon
Gender: Female
Last Online: 22 Jan 2022, 7:40 am
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 6:01 am

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Hello! My name is Isa and my profile is under construction.






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    • Thank you! I work hard on all my warriors. I’m glad Zinnia was a fun challenge!

    • whoa

      your username is a masterpiece

    • No problem! I'm happy to help!

    • Alright ^^ I'd be willing to trade Jovial plus another villager if you liked any/I was willing to let it go

    • Perfect name and background to suit!

    • Hey, just wonderin' if you ever might have interest in trading Pleuro for one of my nudragons?

    • Quick update! Bought the last meds needed (1o minutes to wait is too many minutes lol) and put all your seeds in the ground, so now we just have to wait :D Fingers crossed for a good harvest! I'll still be here in 4 hours and will send over your half then.

    • I sent a message because I had typed a big long thing here and then deleted it by accident x.x

    • Is there any way you'd ever trade your nudragon?.

    • Heya, is your un a reference to Gravity Falls :D

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