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The Olde Foxbury Festival is here!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 4 Jul 2020, 12:03 pm


Come one, come all!

Come and prove your villager's strength at the 4th annual Olde Foxbury Festival!

The Olde Foxbury Festival starts now and will run until 11:59 PM on July 18th.

The Festival's prize Shoppe will open on July 11th, and the Shoppe will close at 11:59pm on July 25th.

New Festival Currency

Royal Coins will be available by participating in the Tourney as well as in a special festival-exclusive Grande Melee battleground.

Shiny new currency!

On July 11th, the festival's Shoppe will open, where you will be able to trade in coins for Shoppe Points to purchase special prizes. You may either convert your coins for prize points to spend this year, or save your coins for future years.

In addition, the Festival Trophy will be available via the Shoppe, so make sure you pick it up while it is open.

The Grande Tourney

Mayor Minstrel is excited to announce the very first Grande Tourney!

Warriors from across the land have been invited to test their mettle, including you! For the duration of the Festival, results for duels within the Standard and Free-for-All Tourneys will be combined.

At the end of the Festival, the village with the best performance will be crowned Grande Tourney Champion. So do your village and your mayor proud!

In addition to the usual Valor Points, participating in Tourney duels will also reward Royal Coins.

A win rewards two Royal Coins, while a loss rewards one Royal Coin.

The Grande Melee Battleground

If duels aren't your cup of tea, we've also prepared a special battleground called the Grande Melee. This battleground features warriors that you and your fellow players have submitted.

Naturally, many of these warriors are particularly fierce. But fret not, Mayor Minstrel's blacksmiths have forged a special set of weapons that will make even the most novice warrior competitive.

These weapons have been blessed with fox magic to help even a level 1 warrior put up a fair fight.

This chest and the powerful weapons within will go dormant upon Festival conclusion, not activating again until next year.
Redeem Code for Grande Melee Chest

Royal Coins are among the loot you may get for victory in the Grande Melee.

Events for Explorers

A special event for Explorers is also currently running, and you will find some new Armoured Stones when you encounter it.

Get your armour on!

When used on a villager, these stones will transform them into a special event color. You may also add these stones to your stone collection.

An additional event put together by a certain Royal Fox from Olde Foxbury may also be encountered rarely. It may yield a special item and a possible chance for a few extra Royal Coins. Keep an eye out!


Additional Bonuses

Until the end of the event, all battlegrounds will be giving double experience. This is a great time to train your warriors and make them the strongest they can be!

Also, Warrior Elixir bundles are 33% off in the Fur Dollar Emporium!

Have fun!

- Hkr Quinn + Aspen -

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    • epic

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    • OwO hewwo
      Im new here!

    • Can we always have the sword and shield icon? It is super helpful to know if someone is waiting for a battle.

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    • Woo festival!! Thanks for all the work put into this, I think it's my favourite OFB Festival yet :DD

    • Something I wanna clarify about the Grande Melee equipment! They are banned from the Standard Tourney, but are usable in the Free-for-All. A level 1 warrior with this equipment alone should be able to do pretty well in the battlegrounds. Since we got double EXP, this is also an opportunity to level up!

      But remember, once the festival ends the fox magic fades away and these equipment will become practically useless. They won't disappear, they'll just fade into sleep, even if you are in the middle of a battle! But they'll come back to life next year, so hang on to them!

    • FartNugget

      Actually, way back before I was born... Or, at least before I showed up, the Tourney was originally conceived as the very first Olde Foxbury Tourney. I suppose I could be wrong, cause I wasn't here, but that's what it looks like. Mat did a fantastic job last year with the festival without the help of a coder, but it was meant to be a one-time design as we needed to fix some of the problems with the Tourney. Hopefully its better now. And we actually have a coder now who we can abuse guilt-free! So back to the original concept it goes.

      Some Festivals have a particular spin, and Mayor Minstrel just happens to be very fond of the Tourney! The Quetzel Palace Festival had a largely All-Careers spin, and the next one I imagine will be pretty Explorer-ry. If that's word!

      But don't forget to do your explorations this event! You may find some surprising encounters. =D

    • So no other careers are being included in the tourney this time? :( I really liked that about last year's tourney, since I could never really get the hang of the warrior career; I was kinda hoping that would be a new tradition going forward. (Not trying to sound ungrateful- I still appreciate that you guys hold events like this to keep us entertained!)