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Paintie Rules & More

Posted by Staff on 27 Dec 2016, 8:29 pm


Hello everyone, I hope you've all been having a great holiday season and are enjoying the festivities here on site! So with that in mind, I apologize for barging to interrupt, just a couple quick announcements and it's back to your snowball fights and fairy hunting.

Paintie Update

Paintie Rules

The Paintie Rules have been updated once again, we hope that they are less of a chore to read now and easier to understand. Please be sure to check them out! For those of you that are sad to see the visual examples go, we will be working on bringing some of those back soon in a Knowledge Base article. We may even ask for your help so be on the look out!

Fur Idol

Behind the scenes our Mod team has been working tirelessly to get Fur Idol more organized, bringing you guys rules to follow to help keep the competition fair, but this also means there will soon be consequences for breaking those rules. A new set of Fur Idol infractions will be added soon, a post will be made in the Change Log when they are officially in the system so please be sure to look for that in the near future.

On a funner note, Fur Idol will also soon be bringing you themed contests to spice things up once in a while! We love seeing everyone's creativity and hope that even more of you will consider participating and sharing your amazing entries with all of us.

Paintie Tickets

It seems there has been some confusion over Paintie Tickets so we wanted to clarify that not all Paintie submissions require a Ticket. Paintie Tickets are simply another payment option, you can either use a Ticket or pay the 250FD fee, you do not need both.

Thank you for reading guys, have a great rest of the Snow Festival!

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    • i still think restricting painties is one of the most abominable decisions you have ever decided to go with for a fandom where creativity and individuality is at its very core to put a hard lock on that just seems wrong.

    • I haven't looked through the comments, but what about scars? Does that count as human skin color? Currently, the design I"m working with won't have too much in the way of that, but I want to be sure so I don't get mine rejected when I submit. Best safe than sorry!

    • @GreaseRoach Yes, head tilting is fine now, but it could be rejected if it is too extreme ie flipping a head upside down or something like that.

      And object Shifties are allowed but they MUST look like an animate creature so they will be dealt with on a case by case basis. I will be happy to work with people to make them passable where needed though.

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    • What Sheason said. Glad the rules were touched on but 250FD is too high a price, and I know there were a LOT of people in that poll that said the price was the issue. I'm just going to have to stick to the one way of getting them free.

    • Its awesome that the rules were updated, its really straight forward "you should be getting confused by this dumbed down version" type of thing. Also, I'd finally love a themed fur idol, I'm sick of having no ideas ;-;

    • Im glad rules have been updated but im saddened that the paintie price hasnt been changed. Its insanly high for how hard it is to get premium currency without spending real cash. Other then that A+ furvilla team!

    • Rules are much more organized! Nice! The visuals were a nice touch, though, so I'll be looking for their return!

    • I am very impressed. The new rules page looks awesome. A lot of issues I have seen are also when paintie mods seem to interpret the rules in different ways, so I hope this helps not only users but them to be more consistent and help people not feel so put off. This was much needed.