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Species Name Contest Winners!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 30 Dec 2020, 5:06 pm


Big thanks to everyone that participated and offered up their cute name ideas for our new Furvilla Species! The users have voted from our top 5 choices and we have a winner, everyone welcome the Faetyr!


Congrats to our first place winner Relic #704!

And a second congrats to the rest of our runners up! (listed in no particular order)

-Galagaler #176717
-Honey_Twist_ #77325
-Wendiz #205
-Noll #12373

Winners will be receiving a magic sticker for our lovely new species (as well as a bonus prize for our first place winner).

Happy Fae Day!

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    • I forgot about this contest! Congrats everyone! :D
      I'm also super grateful for the magic sticker! Thanks guys!

    • Congrats to everyone!!

    • If anyone is wondering you can get them in the Birthday Boutique for 500 FD.
      And 20% off if it is your Birthday.

    • Congrats all! And they're so cuteeee.

    • Congratulations
      and pretty name tho

    • Love the name.

    • Ohh i love the varieties you have released...

      They are gonna be a fde item i guess?
      Will you make a variety for the next event oWo..... because i really want one XD

    • Congrats to all the winners