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Updates to Scrapping and the Serpent Pot

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 3 Mar 2021, 10:18 pm


Hi everyone!

We are back from downtime, and I'm excited to tell you about some updates we've made while we were away.

Scrap more than before!

Villagers who have selected the Blacksmith career now have a scrappy little assistant to help them break up unwanted equipment! Please meet Olezka, your new helper with all things scrap.

At your service!

Suffer no more tedious nights breaking up old swords and axes on your own, Olezka will help you scrap many pieces of equipment, all at once. You may access Olezka from your Blacksmith's career page.

As a reminder, scrap is used to make all manner of equipment upgrades. It is used in various recipes as well as our next topic, crystals.

Crystal Expansion

Many older crystals have had various properties adjusted over the past several days, including rarity, artwork, and in some cases a boost in power.

With this update, we have added several brand-new crystals. Most additions include completing certain "sets" of crystals, for example the Fusion set and the Tremendous set.

We've also added many brand new crystals, such as the trippy Orinova set.

I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

All new crystals have been added to their appropriate Crystal Template recipes. These recipes will continue to be available from the recycler, but now they will also stock in your town's crafter shop.

Be on the lookout for a new Junior Crystal Template to pop up along with it's older siblings. This template will yield basic crystals perfect for newer warriors.

Weapons, Shields, Armour, I can make it all!

Brew to you!


Our dear friend, Miss Isadore, has made it easier to fill her magical Serpent's Pot with all manner of things to produce unexpected results!

They make nice conversations pieces.

You may now also find a physical Furgem (or several) while brewing. You may discard them from your inventory to obtain furgems to spend at the Recycling Shop, or save them as souvenirs of your many concoctions.

In addition to the Serpent Pot link in the Town Hall drop-down menu, you may now head over to visit Miss Isadore via a small icon in your toolbar, next to Tourney status. When this icon glows pink, any brew you have in progress will be ready.

Several new prizes have also been rumored to come from the pot!

Miss Isadore's pot has changed a bit on what it will accept. You will find that more items can go into her brew. Be warned, however, that there are no definite recipes and no way to guarantee the results. The same brew is unlikely to yield the same outcome twice!

Equipment in Quests

With mass-scrapping support, we anticipate most equipment to become Olezka fodder. As such, we have removed all equipment from Quests.

Scrap them all!

You will now also find less equipment overall during your battles, as drop rates have been moderately reduced in several grounds.

Town specific, always-in-stock basic weapons have had their prices increased.

Career Alerts

You'll notice little status icons will now sometimes appear next to your villager's respective career title from your user profile. A check mark will indicate that your villager has completed a task that requires your attention. An exclamation indicates that a Warrior is either in the middle of battle, or an Explorer is in the middle of an explore event, so you best check on them!

Serpent Festival

I heard a rumor from a friendly dragon shopkeep in Quetzal Palace that the marvelous Serpent will soon arouse and will surely demand tribute from all of Furvilla! We expect the Serpent to awaken sometime before the end of March. Quinn keeps poking it in the nostril with his hiking stick, even though I've asked him not to do that.

We hope you enjoy these updates!
- Aspen -

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    • When the tops of the roots are swirling or peeking out of the pot's bottom, it's time to repot the plant. If water drains directly through the drainage holes when watering your plant, it is another sure sign that it needs to be repotted. Your snake plant is root-bound, according to this.

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    • I know this is weird but i think something cool would be if the furgems were keepsakes
      They are very aesthetically pleasing

    • Lili7h
      Chill, arouse means more than one thing, and I'm pretty sure you know this
      We all know you're salty for getting caught putting inappropriate things on your profile but don't try to twist words into something they're not and take your anger/frustration out on other people for something that was your own fault

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    • Thank you. Looks great.

    • It's the first time I really fill the Serpent's pot :D
      Thank you for all this awesome updates!

    • Olezka is great! The quick link to the serpent's pot is also very appreciated.

    • A great update! It'll be much easier to handle having a lot of low-level equips in your inventory from now on.