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Clinic announcements - beta running to end of may

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 13 May 2021, 8:16 pm


I want to thank you all for your participation in the beta test for The Clinic!

Remember to report discovered bugs and exploits. Note that confirmed bugs and any fixes are being recorded on the top post, so please check there before reporting a bug.


The primary goal for this beta is to test the code to make sure its all working as intended. As the beta test goes along, some patients may change, while others are added.

For your participation, you will receive the following rewards at the end of the beta test:


User Award: Healing at least 50 patients

Golden Kitsune Trophy

If you heal at least 50 patients total (between all your Doctors), you get a trophy for your user profile.


Villager Awards: Healing at least 500 patients

Healing Supplies

Every doctor that heals at least 500 patients will earn their owner an exclusive keepsake! A user can earn as many of the prize as they have Doctors that achieve this goal.


As promised, any progress made will be retained for the future when the Clinic officially releases.

For this beta test achievement progress will cap at 500 Patients Healed.

Once a Doctor hits 500, they can continue treating patients, the logs will still update, but their achievement count will not go any higher.

When the beta test ends, any patients still awaiting discharge will be purged. So make sure you discharge them or else you will lose your payment!

The beta test is scheduled to continue until the end of May.

When June arrives, the Clinic will be removed with the intent to later return as a permanent site feature with new content.

Thanks again!


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    • This was fun! Also, Quinn, stop forcing the mayors to go to the clinic! I think the mayors are starting to dislike you xD (joke. That was a joke.) Also, Casier, Denier of Soup. To deny something means you don't want it. So why did he want soup? Also, SOUP DENIAL PFFF
      There better be a subreddit called r/soupdenial soon or I will be very disappointed in this community
      (Again, joke)

    • I’m having fun with this. But. Why does Quinn make all these NPCs need steel… Soemthing seeeems fissshhhyyyy

    • An idea I just had which would be interesting to see: so we have two levels for the clinic at the moment, patients that require one treatment and patients that require multiple treatments. I think it would be interesting to see another level added onto that by having patients that require multiple items to be treated. Thank you for your time :)

    • This may be a strange request but here goes. With the beta test on the Doctors occupations going on, it stands to reason that this will become a permanent feature at some point. I was wondering if , it was possible, to create a medicine cabinet for doctors. In the medicine cabinet, the Doctors can store all their medications that they have already made to help patients. Thank you for your time. :)

    • how do i test the clinic too? '-'

    • I'm really liking this feature, and I think all of the jobs should have some sort of feature like this.

    • Lol ditto! I very much enjoy this new feature!

    • Thanks I'm really enjoying it lol