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Site Outage - Streaks will be manually repaired

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 14 Sep 2021, 9:23 am

Dear friends,

Firstly I want to apologize for the downtime we had yesterday that seemingly wiped some of your progress from that day. Here’s a detailed explanation of what happened, to the best of my knowledge.

Sometime in the late afternoon yesterday, September 13, the server holding Furvilla’s databases went down. The server provider found that the physical driver had failed and needed to be replaced. Unfortunately it appears this means that they had to roll-back the data to the previous back-up, which would have been around 2 am September 13th.

This means there was about a 15 hour period of activity that was lost and rolled back to the status of how things were at 2 am.

Fortunately this means that any material or currency spent will have also returned to you. Any trades and purchases are as if they never occurred. Reagents you used to craft items should have rolled back. Unfortunately, I cannot give you back time and effort and can only offer my sincere apologies.

One scenario that may need special attention is if you lost your half of a transaction that was made independently with another individual. For example if you traded for an item with art or off-site currency, or were paid in FD for such, it may have rolled back. If such happened to you, please first try to work it out with the individual you made the transaction with so they can make good on their half of the deal. Failing that, feel free to file a report and we can attempt to mediate or compensate when appropriate. We may need proof such as dated screenshot that such transaction would have been agreed upon.

Finally, I understand that many players lost their daily streaks. This all depends on when you happened to log in last. Fortunately I should be able to fix all lost streaks. This would be a matter of me manually looking at the backup data and seeing what the streaks were of all active players before the database crashed, and adding that back.

Fixing the streaks will take several days for me to get to, so please keep on logging in and growing your streaks. Please do not file reports about lost streaks as I will be checking all players automatically. I will have to do this after an already-scheduled long downtime later this week.

Hope that addresses your biggest concerns. If I missed anything please go ahead and comment here. Thank you!

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    • Thank you so much for all your hard work Quinn!

    • Thank you Quinn for this explanation. I really wish there was a way to change how the streak works. So we don't lose this again. It would be much nicer if we could just gain 1 day each day we logged in whether it's consecutive or not. That way if something like this happens again you could just add +1 day to everyones streak. I'm in the group that was in the 4 year streak or so and I honestly was ready to give up because that was awful seeing just 1 day when I logged in today. Really appreciate all your hard work and sorry this had to happen to Furvilla when you're already working so hard on the Ocean Dome Festival.

    • Well, I understand the pet breedings would be lost to a 'glitch', and I'd need to screenshot anything to prove it. I did place my Royal Shellhowl and Festive Toucanes into my Menagerie. Would there be records of that? ... or I guess not as a crashed hard drive would simply not register. Thank you for all the hard work now and ahead of you. Very kind of you to restore everyone's Daily Streaks.

    • i honestly thought i was crazy when i signed in today. I guess not! at least yall got things straightened out now!

    • Thank you for the explanation!
      I noticed the database was down last night when I was going to log in so needless to say I lost my streak, but nothing else thankfully.
      Thank you so much for the hard work on fixing the streaks! ♡

    • Thank you for the update and explanation. Luckily all I lost was my streak and my lottery entry. :}

    • I know you guys are very busy repairing the server, but I have a request. Yesterday was my birthday so I lost my birthday bonuses. Is there any way to get that back?

    • Unfortunately any actual game progress such as pet breedings from yesterday cannot be recovered. The databases are backed up every day every night, so we should always have a snapshot from within the past 24 hours, but there’s no realistic way to have such data backed up continuously. The failure rate of a server’s hard disk is likely similar to that of any high end computer drive, keeping in mind its high usage. Good news is we should now have a brand new better drive currently!

    • Thank you for your hard work! :)

    • Thank you for the hard work restoring our streaks