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User ID: #26268
Username: Dragonsrus
Gender: Male
Last Online: 28 Sep 2023, 12:35 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 1:46 pm

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Note: I also play FR, MC, VoU, Aywas & DV-all under the same name

Menagerie Completed!! 10/02/20
Special Thanks to @/PrayingMantis @/Hamichu @/msjanny @/snafflewyrm @/snowysaur @/puck and many others that have helped me!

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    • I'm currently cooking up a non-stackable height sedation, it'll be ready in 27 minutes if you don't find a trade before then :>

    • Any chance you'd trade a Nouveau Wild Dog in your stall for something in my stall?

    • Much appreciated, you! Thank you. <3

    • No problem! If you need anything else before the end of the event let me know!

    • Heya, sorry about not replying, I've only been able to use the net on my mobile, and for some reason it can't handle sending PMs? I don't need the Autumn Catbat, I have them both already!

    • Thank you for your many purchases <3

    • Thankyou, it does :)

    • Thank you for the plush drop!

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