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Downtime Complete!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 18 Sep 2021, 1:22 pm



We are back! We tested the Treasure Hunt festival and everything went well! We still need to make some finishing touches, and we tentatively intend to have the event start in the next week or two.

You should not notice anything new currently, so please do let me know if you notice any strange new bugs.

Finally, now that this is done, I can work on checking those daily streaks that were potentially lost during the database explosion. Basically this will entail me unpacking the backups from the night before it happened and cross-referencing the streaks with active players' current streaks.

This will likely take some time. I'll post a news post when that is done with instructions to let me know if you believe your streak wasn't correctly restored.

Thanks! Excited to get the Treasure Hunt started (and abit nervous nervous too!)


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    • thank you for the hard work! looking forward to the event (:

    • So excited for both the festival and possibly getting my streak back! Thank you for your hard work! ^^

    • You guys got this!

    • Y’all are awesome, keep up the great work! (Totes excited for the festival!)

    • Thank you for all the hard work you're doing.