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Daily Streaks Restored!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 18 Sep 2021, 11:31 pm


Hello! Daily login streaks that were lost on September 13 (those that were at least at 3 at the time and have been maintained since then) have been manually restored.

If you notice your streak seems to be incorrect please comment here or file a report and I'll look at it case to case.

Thank you!


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    • My streak seems to have reset even though I've been coming on everyday for 10 days...

    • TY!! for all you have done to this site im literally on here everyday and it makes me so happy because i love collecting, and all this extra stuff! i can't wait to see the treasure hunt as well!

    • I believe my streak was well over 400, however it is not showing any streak.

    • Pretty sure I had a solid streak going (at least 30 days), but it's not showing up.

    • Luckily for some reason my streak was never lost, but I'm happy to hear everyone's who was has been restored! <3

    • Thanks for the hard work. :}

    • Hurrahhh!!! Thank you so much ^,^

    • Thanks for fixing the streaks!