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Happy Pride!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 10 Jun 2022, 6:50 pm


Happy Pride Everyone! We hope that you're all having an amazing month so far and we love that you are here to spend your time celebrating with us!

To celebrate, we are giving everyone a free Pride Flag keepsake item!

Click here to redeem your flag!

Stop by the Recycling Shop to pick up your very own Pride Bandana as well as additional Pride Flags.

Let your colors shine!

Last year's Pride items have now found a permanent home in the Quest Shop! They are also joined by this simply gorgeous Pride Prism.
So pretty!

Sending out my love and support to all!

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    • Happy pride!! <3

    • Happy pride everyone! You are all valid and loved <3

    • Which Warrior equipment slot is the Pride Prism for?

    • Happy pride everyone! Love the new items, I've already bought a few of each keepsake. <3

    • Kinda loving the rainbone shield thooooo

    • The flag and bandanna have AWESOME buffs omg. I love the designs and the buffs both.