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December is Here!!!!!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Dec 2022, 12:36 am


Happy December everyone! Time to take a look at the new 1st of the month stuff!

New Minipets

Check out the December FD Pets!


Round little cat time! The Pallas Cat!


Say hello to an old friend! The Dunk!


The Dobhar-chu! Swimming your way!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until January 1st.

December Feast Minipets


It's the Gingerbird! Be sure to say hello!


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    • Skipped the November feast because I didn't want the pets and now I won't get these cute birds this month because of a glitch? Really unfair

    • Cool stuff!


    • I got the ginger birds when I claimed my prize???

    • so do we not get a chance to do the feast for the gingerbird? i only feed my villager 25 points unless the higher rarity ones are particularly cute so am i just out of luck to get the sprinkle and robin pet without breeding?

    • NGL I was so confused when I claimed my feast rewards and saw pets I had never seen before lol! But I'm glad things got sorted and I can still get my stringrays at the end of this month!

    • Daaa the feast birbs

      I honestly thank you for your error i get to breed these beans earlier..
      I was super inactive last month so i got only commons but i really want those uncommons.