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New Species and Rules Revamp

Posted by Admin-Mat on 28 Jul 2016, 6:30 pm


Good evening villagers, we are happy to announce that Olde Foxbury now has its own rare species, the Saggitari! This taurian species fits in perfectly with the atmosphere of Olde Foxbury, and comes in three initial colors: Giraffe, Quagga, and Okapi.

Second, our staff has gotten together to discuss and completely revamp the Rules pages. We have condensed the three rules pages (Code of Conduct, Forum, and Chat) into one single rules page, which is linked from the Terms of Service. As the game has been open for three weeks, we have gotten an idea of what rules are necessary to keep it functioning smoothly, and have made adjustments accordingly.

Following our rules update, we will be closing our forums for approximately twenty-four hours for clean-up (but we will likely re-open them sooner). One issue we have been tackling is the sheer amount of spam that has hit our forums, and as soon as the clean-up of spam is complete we will re-open the forums for everyone to enjoy. The chatrooms will remain open if you would like to contact other players, and our moderators will be diligently watching the channels.

Have a great evening!

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    • Wish they would make those announcements here instead of Twitter, though.

    • Digibat Cool, I just got enough for a new villager.

    • Argent they are sayign in their twitter theyll have update later today... be patient

    • What's the status on the new villagers (wolverine, etc?)

    • Alright, I have no idea where to post this since there isn't a Suggestions Forum Subtopic - so I'm going to post it here.

      We really need a subtopic under the forums called Suggestions. It makes it a whole lot easier for people to post things they wanted added to the site.

    • Woot woot.
      Make it rain...


      Ok Ill leave.

    • I'm liking the looks of the Saggitari. As for the rules, I agree with all of the changes and the condensed page is so much easier to read.

    • @MOD-Deinmaar

      Okay there's also a link to the forum which then links to the google document, that wasn't working yesterday though? Maybe do to the forums being closed?

    • @MOD-Deinmaar

      I meant in general, I'm actually looking for the giant river otter base, if you go to the paintie section it gives a link to the furaffinity page (Which I don't think is a good idea by the way, since adult material can easily be accessed even without an account, plus many of us don't like or use FA) and the new bases are not uploaded there. I don't see a link to a google document anywhere?

    • @MOD-Deinmaar
      Yes, and I'll be doing that tomorrow for sure.
      I get that you want the forums to be a safe place where users can find support, but you're alienating people who want support in their religious beliefs and politics while allowing other users to talk about equally touchy topics, which is highly biased and unfair.

      So yes, I will be taking this up with support.