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User ID: #1025
Username: DorkyDantarian
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 1 Apr 2018, 5:12 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:04 pm

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| Bee | They/Them | Portuguese | Artist | Leo | 18 |

I accept all friend requests.

All painties used were made by me

Requests: Closed
Commissions: Closed

DA: http://beepups.deviantart.com/

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    • No worries at all! Thank you~!

    • :D Thanks for the compliment on my painties!

    • Ah, thank you! I worked very hard on them ;u;

    • Thank you so much ^^
      I really like your Dr Corvus paintie, your art is so good too.

    • thank you sm !! and i love your galaxy-themed fur !!!

    • *pats* I sowwy.
      I joined because I kept seeing people start to post pretty painties on DA.
      Regulus looks fab, btw!

    • *sits on Dork*
      I never forget you!!
      I didn't knows you was here...

    • Yassss, Ally is a Nebula Kitten, plus they are so much fun to design when from space.

    • You're very welcome, I appreciate the help :D

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