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Username: ToonLink
Gender: Male
Last Online: 25 Jul 2021, 1:41 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:54 pm

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    • I'm honestly still just rolling in delight at your description of OSC. "Swishy-horsetail game rooster." That's so perfect I can't handle it.
      I do actually imagine him with the crow of a "laughing rooster"? Since he's my sona thing and I kind of--laugh...loudly......He definitely appreciates your commentary and has declared you are allowed to cuddle him.

      SpookyChook's cockatrice is freaking amazing and I'm so jealous, thanks for showing me her omg. If she was active I'd probably pm her about commissioning a tattoo design of OSC OvO (SOME DAY I'm so picky though omg and knowing it's for a tat--I'm so much pickier it's terrible xD)

      Honestly when the chickens come out I'm just gonna be like "lol oh well screw your char designs" and make most of my villagers chickens xD

      -hands over some slightly burnt cookies in apology for the fact I take like a week to reply to things-

    • Thank you!

    • //clutches heart// your art is so beautiful ! ♡

    • Oh god, you should see his--here, his actual design. Honestly drawing him as one of the bird-like creatures of Pern was a pleasant break from his usual flowing majesty. XD Especially since I drew my av at size. I did that design sheet years ago--and I doubt I'll ever manage to draw an updated one because of that darn tail. But I love him so! TvT

      Oh my god silkies. SIILKIIIEESSS. Oh there's this wonderful chicken lover who made velociraptor chicken painties. It's basically the best.

      But yeah. This site needs more chickens. ALL the chickens. Everyone is legally required to have at least three chicken. It's only right.

      -noms baked goods- -holds out cornbread cause that's basically the only thing I make-

    • -casually pecks-

      -but like, in a friendly way-

      Thanks, friend. I kind of love my lil chicken murder creature and I'm glad whenever someone else likes him too. <3

      (Also, ace highfive awyea)

    • aaaaaah thank you!! ^^

    • we've never talked but I think you're really cool, I like you a lot

    • Thanks for the meds friend c:

    • I suggest you check out arcaneidolriots pet trade, you could help him out quite a bit.

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