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User ID: #74768
Username: DaDwarf
Last Online: 19 Jan 2020, 3:25 am
Registered: 10 Dec 2016, 9:44 am

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Hullo! I play a variation of games so you mightve seen me somewhere else!

I have a fursona, a lion named Ben and he's my baby, hope to make a paintie for him soon :D

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    • Would you trade your draft draorse for a purple myst aerkit?

    • Yooo are you the same DaDwarf from Chicken Smoothie! Such a coincidence seeing you here!

    • Don't have that kind of FD ^^;
      maybe after the event is over I will have saved some up

    • Yep, I love me some bears :3 I've got six in total, plus a bear gallery. So I think I've more or less got my bears covered. xD Always glad to meet fellow bear enthusiasts.

    • Sounds like a fabulous character to me! I lack those art skills too! XD So I pretty well commission all of my artwork. I can write plenty, but drawing just isn't my forte.

    • I appreciate the compliment on Apollo! :3 Thank you very much!

    • hehe alright! tghat doesnt sound too bad! <3 keep at it and you'll get more candy every 10 minutes! <3

    • hehe nah! <3 you should really try for high numbers now! >.<
      I would suggest negative karma because its easier to get higher numbers now a days XD
      >.< i was just one of the lucky ones to get high positive karma when people still had 0 lanters

    • hey there! hehe dont worry, its a fair amount right now, however, the more positive or negative karma you have, the pore cany you get every 10 minutes! <3
      I hope that helps!

    • thank you!

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