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Username: willing-infamy
Registered: 13 Feb 2018, 10:40 am

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┏━━━━━━━━┫ some basic info about myself┣━━━━━━━━┓

● not a furry, but i enjoy this game ●
● i love the shows Gotham, The Flash, End of the F***ing World, and Altered Carbon ●
● i listen to too many musicians to name so here is my playlist
● i'm a bit shy, so I usually don't comment/message first ●

● you can find my on Lioden, Chickensmoothie, Toyhou.se, and Wattpad. I'll be making an Instagram for art and photos soon too! ●

● interests ●

● writing ●
● drawing ●
● music ●
● my pets ●
● science ●

current goals

● update CSS ●
● a paintie for Tweedledee ●
● updated paintie for Bartholomew ●

aiedail is my little brother


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    • Aww thank you for the compliments on my Storm and Sugar! ^-^ Hope you have a lovely day! <3

    • any time friend!

    • yeah, theyre pretty great!

    • I feel bad, I just saw your item transfer now. I don't come on FV much anymore ;w; Thank you though <3

    • Thanks for you purc.... WOAH!
      How did you get all this in just 5 weeks?

    • Don’t forget the elixirs :)

    • Thank you so much for the bear!!! <3

    • Bio Feedback:
      I like how many of their stories kinda ties together, I like the layout of the rows so that it's not just a giant chunk of text where everything is mixed together, and I like that they are incredibly interesting to read, however there's so many different names of people and places, as well as a few too complicated words in some places that makes the stories a bit hard to understand.
      I kind of assume that the stories are some kind of (fan) continuation of some sort?. Because the lack of explinations about background characters and places would make sense to thoose who are familiar with the original storyline, unlike someone like me, who bareley understands any of it.
      Or I might just be overanalyzing stuff while reading and thus cause my own confusion, I dunno.

      Anyways. Great, inspiring and interesting backstories to all the villagers, a little hard to understand in some places, but that's just my opinion. Keep making great bios like theese! =D

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