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User ID: #120975
Username: alexacat8
Gender: Female
Last Online: 20 Nov 2020, 8:06 am
Registered: 29 Sep 2018, 2:56 pm

Profile description

I'm like a dragon that Hoards Morphing potions, if you ever need any feel free to leave a comment will sell them for cheap

Morphing potions that won't fit in gallery: crocodile, skunk, Chicken(2), bat, deer, Raptor, shark, snake,Corvid, gecko,

Villagers 11

Comments 21

    • Alexacat as in Alexacat on Scratch?

    • Heya! We should certainly have the next batch out well before then. Did you just claim your badge? Make sure the address is as accurate as possible!

    • I'll give ya a discount off stall prices, how about 5,000 FC each? :)

    • Are you still interested in common colored budgies or jumping spiders? I have several males of both species I don't need. :) (I also have a male UC colored jumping spider)

    • That must look nice! We're moving later this year, so fingers crossed I can display mine again in the new house, I miss looking at their cute faces lol.

    • Aaayyy, that's awesome! I don't know many other LPS collectors! :D Gosh, I think I might have close to 2,000 at this point. XD I was SUPER hard core back in the early 2000's, though I kinda lost interested after the reboot, but lately I've gotten super into them again! <3 Do you display yours? I used to, but most of mine are currently packed up for safe keeping,

    • I'm sorry, I forgot to remove the capybuddies from my profile when I finally bred them. Sorry about that!

    • There are no events going on at the current time. The Dragonsmaw Manor event will be starting soon, but you do not have to be in Dragonsmaw Manor in order to participate; all villages can participate!

      Events are simply special times on FV where you can get limited-time villager colors, plushes, and other miscellaneous items.

    • Time will tell. =)

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