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User ID: #121445
Username: SamaraSummerFox
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 3 Nov 2020, 12:35 am
Registered: 8 Oct 2018, 9:10 am

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Hufflepuff <3

Bi-romantic,leaning towards feminine attraction

Hey guys! I'm getting better at bbcodes!! Oh! And my stall is open! Feel free to come and check it out!;D


My Dream Team <3

Current signature art by papaemeritus here on FV! Pokemon, of course, belongs to both Nintendo and Game Freak~

-Reaper Pattern Book
-Reaper Pattern Materials
-Animal Fangs (100/150)
-Torn Steaks (2/25)
-Scuba Diver Shoes (0/150)
-Haunted Fabric
-Haunted Sewing Kit
-Pea Algae Seeds
-Pirate Pattern Book
-Kelp Fabric
-Angry Root Seeds
-Venus Flytrap Seeds
-Eyeris Seeds
-Shell Sewing Kit
-Magical Gills
-Magical Fins
-Underwater Watermelon Seeds
-Mouth Bean Seed
-Chomper Plant Seeds
-Minipets NOT in Menagerie
-Midnight/Primordial Shifty Potion or Midnight shifty potion materials
-Agility Amulet
-Gembound Potion (I can dream)
-Pug Plush
-African Wild Dog Plush
-Ocean Gems
-Kelp Fabric
-Aquatic Costume Materials
-Mermaid Tail
-Fluffy Costume Pattern Book
-Floofy Fur (1/5)
-Icy Fabric (0/5)
-Icy Sewing Kit
-Hot chocolate packets (5/140)
-5/16 Paintie Tickets

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    • aaa thank you!!

    • Haha ur welcome!

    • No problem~! I'm glad I could help you :3

    • No problem! If I happen to have any others you'd like in my toybox, feel free to ask! ^^ <3

    • Thank you! ^~^

    • Thanks so much! I'm always happy with materials like these!

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