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Username: NPC-Clawtooth
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Gender: Male
Registered: 25 Nov 2018, 11:58 pm
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Chief of Clawtooth
Lion || Chief/He/Him || Mated to Sage Ismene

Chief Clawtooth, chief of the people of Clawtooth, patriarch of the Clawtooth clan, and protector of the homeland of Clawtooth. He is from a long-surviving family of lion rulers. The eldest son of the previous chief, Chief Clawtooth the Strong, he came to power at a young age when his father was crippled during a great war to defend Clawtooth from a competing tribe.

Taught to be both strong and vigilant, he led his people across the ocean after a massive series of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions shook Clawtooth. His brave but weakened father stayed home to lead those too weak to flee, as Chief Clawtooth and his loyal mate led their people on small wooden boats across the sea. Scattered by storms, Chief Clawtooth was separated from most his people.

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of strangers, he and his closest of kin have been given refuge in uninhabited lands, where he waits for the rest of this tribe to find him. He hopes someday to be reunited with his father and to return his people to their homeland.

Although Chief Clawtooth is stubborn and proud, he is also very fair and loves his people. He would never violate anyone’s trust, and he rewards those that he is indebted to. He is mated to Sage Ismene, his loyal and loving partner. She is the gentle caretaker that compliments his rougher edges. As the tribe’s highest ranking Sage, she is both an expert in medicine and healing, as well as respected for her knowledge and advise.

Chief Clawtooth grew up only hearing stories of the villages across the sea. He hopes that this temporary experience being away from home and living amongst other cultures will serve to make him and his people stronger.

Sage Ismene and Chief Clawtooth

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    • Hello, and we all welcome you to Furvilla! We feel very eager to your acquaintance here, and we will gladly help you in any way we can. We hope that you will be happy here, and hope that you feel very welcomed.

    • How gracious of you to give gifts and offer hospitality in your time of need. Wise of you to flee such an upheaval, but Nature usually restores Herself swiftly. Hopefully you'll return to your homelands before you know it.

    • Salutations, Chief Clawtooth! I hope you enjoy your stay here, we eagerly await the arrival of your tribe! Silverflecked Village is always willing to welcome another resident. ^^

    • Welcome Chief Clawtooth and Sage Ismene! Thank you very much for the gift!

    • Please enjoy your stay, sir. Thank you for the gift. Our people will be on the look out for yours.

    • The Chief looks rather handsome in tribal gear heh, *cough cough*

      Err... Welcome Chief Clawtooth and to your mate Sage Ismene. May your stay be fruitful and enriching for each encounter with the people of this land.

      Thank you for the gift! *stalks away shyly*

    • Welcome, Chief Clawtooth!


    • although i don't like or trust lions in the slightest, i'll gladly help you and your people.

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