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Username: Nelly
Gender: Female
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 12:00 pm

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Hiya! I don't know what brought you here, but welcome to my tiny corner of the internet! My name's Nelly, or at least it is to you, but you can call me Maxie too! heh, rhyming
Some people also call me Princess, I guess you can too if ya want, idc It's probably the most fitting, honestly.

oof this is a constant wip

Some Stuff About Me I Guess

~I'm a traditional artist, and I also have a pixel shop here if you wanna check it out!
~I'm not the most socially outgoing person out there, but I'm trying! If you're nice, I'm nice!
~I've been called a marshmallow, but I'm hardcore I swear. Like a burnt marshmallow. Y'know, like when you catch 'em on fire and they get all charred. I'm like that >:3
~My hobbies include pretending I have my life together and writing sickeningly fluffy fanfiction
For what fandom? That's confidential UwU
~I have inside jokes with myself
~I'm on my way to becoming a vet tech
~I have too many plushies please help they're taking over my life
~I spend way more time on tumblr than I should, hence my amazing css by msjanny
~I have 4 cats and a hamster and I love them too much
~A Fruit Gusher almost killed me once
~I love marine life and cetaceans, and am especially interested in orcas and dolphins!
~I'm also interested in reptiles, especially bearded dragons and leopard geckos!
~I'm a Maladaptive Daydreamer, so I often seem kinda "zoned out"


~~My Favorite Things!~~

I adore Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, Glitch Techs, Cells at Work, Toradora, My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, Green Eggs and Ham, Coraline, Pokemon, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Neopets, Parks and Recreation, all the older Nicktoons, Big Hero 6, Tangled the Series, and basically anything Disney

My favorite aesthetics are space, aliens, pastels, liminal spaces, and anything from the 80's/90's!

My favorite animals are foxes, orcas, cats, pigeons, and bearded dragons!


What song is Nelly obsessed with now??

Just in case you need to hear this today<3



Also I'd sell my soul for a Lumey

Big thanks to @Dubstep for the Rhodochrosite Carat Cat (in the gallery), Chilly Sea Cuttlefish (belongs to Asher ), Pretty Pigeon Plague Bird (belongs to Aerick), Star Guardian Mystic Kistune (belongs to Kaneka), and Black Hole Kitsoul (belongs to Nessy)!! Seriously you are too amazingly nice!!<3

Thanks to AngelSami for the horned whale!! She belongs to Griffin!

Thanks soso much to the anon who gave me the enfield!! She belongs to Sirius!!!

Thanks to the Lunar Fairy as well!


~Pudge flatcolor chibi+pixel headshot- harleyshib383
~Chibi (Paid)-FunnyFoxFur
~Shaded fullbody (Half-paid)-Turnivis
~Fullbody (Paid+Messaged)-Liliumeese
~Vani+Ness flatcolor headshots (Paid)- Anubinch


~Wanna catch me somewhere else?~
( ♥= sites I'm most active on!)

Flight Rising
Chicken Smoothie



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    • Aww thank you so much for your sweet comment about Cosmo! Nelly is such a cutie as well <3

    • Alright then ^^

    • Okay, so this is kind of embarassing, but I somehow lost all 28 of the White Fur Tufts. I have no idea how, but they're gone from my storage... Anyways, I have 100 more Emerald Feathers, so would that make up for it, or should I just send over the fur tufts as I get them?

    • Thank you so much for the morph potion!!

    • wow! i actually love your CSS, who made it, and where is the thread?

    • Okay so I came back and checked out your profile I am shocked at how much I could relate to lol

    • Let me know when you have the adopt saved so I can take it off of the post!! I'd hate for somebody to snatch it from ya!

    • No problem! Looking to see if I have anything else on your wishlist

    • Hi! I noticed the 'paintie priorities' section and seen the first one, I was previously known as Tyler_! Just wanted to let you know ^^

    • aaaaa thank you so much!!! ;w; it was free art and you didn't needed to send any FC! (and sure, added to pinglist! ^^) have a great day!

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