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User ID: #42223
Username: AngelSami
Gender: Agender
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 2:44 am

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Sami | Any Pronouns Carrd.png
Most everything on this account is available for sale or trade.
Looking for stickers, collectibles, or mini-pets that I just so happen to have?
Shoot me an offer! I won't be offended by questions!

Look in my stall for rarer items. I'm willing to haggle on everything.
Sometimes it just slips my mind to update prices.
Who locks a shop for necroposting lmao righteous. If you want something in there PM me I guess.
Or check out the link below to get these bases for free.

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    • As always, I absolutely adore your fur idol entries.

    • Thank you so much! It's been an idea stuck in my head for a while and Osseu gave me the final push to go ahead and try it out! So thank you for that too, I don't think I actually would've started it if it wasn't for the paintie!

    • Love your object heads! They look stunning~

    • Oh gosh thank you for the gift!~ Your meme child fuels me tbh and it was so fun to draw them honestly!~ ^^

    • Thank you so much! You're a gem within the community! <3

    • I boop into your page at least once every other day to smile at Ra. :o

    • ra gives me life

    • Your sig is beautiful.

    • everything you do gives me life ily

    • You are my god

      All hail SlickBack

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