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Villager: Ra



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ID: #108538

Name: Ra

Gender: Genderless

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: AngelSami

Feast Points: 0 (12 All-Time)

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 18 Aug 2016, 10:37 pm

Likes: 227 ♥

Tags: bird sun orange fire oracle ra stork uptight crybaby who likes to feel tall angelsami

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Ra is the Demi-Oracle of the Sun. He is warm at heart but can certainly give you a few burns if you step out of line. His minor sun powers are invigorating to the mind and body. He is a good friend to go to if you're suffering from fatigue and apathy.

True Oracles have not walked the mortal world in centuries and it is unknown why. But Ra and his handful of siblings around the world are proof they have not completely left us.
While Demi-Oracles can not see a specifics persons fate, destiny, or future, they can see small bits of the future and possible outcomes.
Such as whether or not you're about to burn your tongue on that hot soup or not... The future most likely predicts you will. But perhaps you can change your fate?

Ra is a slight control freak who enjoys everything being in it's place. He shows a strong reluctance to welcome newcomers and can be incredibly harsh towards them in some cases.
His willingness to do things by the book are apparent. He consistently follows written instructions despite being very capable of thinking for himself. We think he does this to make sure he keeps himself following the rules as well...
But despite Ra's occasional malevolent behavior, he abandons his selfishness when his visions foretell a possible future where it drives all of his friends away from him. He fears a future where he is completely alone. This is another reason he is harsh towards strangers.
Real friends will stay. Acquaintances will leave once things become rough.

Rules. Sunny days. His more carefree friends. FRUIT.
Mystery novels and stories. Windchimes. Reading by candlelight.

Hysteria. Winter. Rainy Days. Vegetables. Various animals and pests,
Romance (Useless drivel... Bleck!) Fish (Eating)

Smol Scribble by Jakkilyn



Comments 19

    • his design reminds me of Zuzu and i love it

    • Can I hug you? ....Or kidnap you and adMIRE YOU DAILY

    • Well you're just in luck! My Pa runs a tight ship, so it's spick-span all the time! Not as much can be said for my room though.. hehe... Would you enjoy some pie?

    • Hello Ra. Would you like to see a perfectly organized kitchen?

    • why is everybody afraid of ra? Cos it goes RAAAAAA-
      ok fine
      the joke is old
      i get it

    • "I adore your colours! You truly are a magnificent bird!"

      //Yo, this character is wonderful! If you ever right more lore, I'd love to read it! Is he part of a species you created? Or a creature in a story perhaps?

    • Bea chuckles at Ra, "Oh, don't you worry about it. The compliments translated just fine." She is caught blushing slightly as his kind and detailed comments about her feathers. Trying her best to maintain the conversation she adds in, "I find your plumage to be rather eye capturing. Fitting of someone so structured yet fiery." She winks playfully at him.

    • Bea stares in wonderment. "I like you. You seem to be a pure friend." she then smiles warmly at Ra. "I shall continue to praise the sun."

    • Baw, it would be absolutely adorable if this was an/a open/closed species ;-; R.I.P. me.... I love the design though! It's very unique and cute!

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